First Week at the MTC!

Jul 21, 2014

First Week at the MTC!

Hey everybody!

Well this week has been the longest week of my life. Don’t get me wrong, being here is amazing, and it probably is one of the most spiritual places that I’ve ever been, but I’m just so tired. I haven’t fallen asleep in class yet but I got close in sacrament yesterday, and even closer in the temple session today. Six-thirty is so early, and it seems like each day is twice as long as they used to be (probably because I’m not sleeping in til 10 anymore). Each day has been so awesome though. Our teachers are so inspired and teach us so much.

I guess I knew from Sister Hayden’s (Larisa’s) letters that I wasn’t going to get to unpack right when I got here, but I didn’t think that we would go straight to class. We also taught the first day, in a big group of around fifty Elders and Sisters all trying to teach one investigator. There was someone who was trying to keep it organized, but whenever someone felt to say something, they raised their hand and got a microphone and talked. I normally feel like I wouldn’t have gotten up and said anything, even if I felt I should share something. I mean in english class Junior year we would have group discussions and the teacher would watch who participated and give them points. I remember that I didn’t even participate on like half of those, knowing I would lose points, because I don’t like talking in front of crowds, but when we were teaching like that I really felt like I should share something, so I got up and did it. I know that I get help and strength from the Lord to do things like that and it so amazing when I realize when I do.

Something else I wasn’t exactly planning on was joining the MTC choir, but I figured that I wasn’t ever going to be able to come back and do it if I didn’t do it now, so Elder Ridenour, one of the Elder’s in our district and also in Elder Topham’s and my room, went to choir together on Sunday. We sung Lead Kindly Light, and will perform at Tuesday night’s devotional. There is like 700 or so in the choir so it’s not that much of an accomplishment, but it sounds really good. But we were told by our District Leader, Elder Ellis, that we should eat first, because our scheduled dinner was at the same time, and then go to choir. I pointed out to him that there was some time after choir that wasn’t scheduled for anything, so we could just eat then, and he agreed with me. Well I didn’t know that the cafeteria doors close at 6:15 even though we had dinner time until 6:30 so when we got out of choir at 6:18, we missed dinner. I was so hungry, and didn’t have any food for like 20 hours so breakfast was amazing today.

Well I guess I’ll email you again next week!
Love you all so much,
Elder Hayden

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