Christ Loves Us All

Aug 25, 2014

Christ Loves Us All

Hey everybody!

West Des Moines is an awesome place, I love it here so much! The people are super nice. The closest thing we got to a door slammed in our face was a guy who said “not interested” and closed the door gently before we could say anything. This week was pretty amazing as well!

I forgot to tell you about this store that they have here, called Hy-Vee. It’s a grocery store, kind of like Albertson’s, but the employees wear slacks, white shirts and ties, and have these black clip on name tags that they wear on their pockets. I’ve only been there a couple of times, but someone always thinks we’re an employee, asking where stuff is and if we can help them and we try to, but usually we aren’t much help knowing where stuff is, so we just get a real employee. Once we were asked if we just got off work when we were checking out, and it’s great because we get to say, nope, we’re missionaries! Anyway it’s always kind of fun to go in there.

The exchange with Elder Weiss was amazing! He really is one spectacular missionary (I guess that’s why he’s an AP). We got to teach a lot that day we had six lessons after lunch, 3 with recent converts or less actives, one with Jamie and Okie with a member present as well, and then another lesson with Anna who we got to sort of teach outside, and then we taught the Smith family after dinner with them. Brother Smith was hilarious. His favorite car by far is the mini-van. Seriously he loves mini-vans, and thinks that they can do anything. He also said that when our current President was elected Forbes magazine put out an article saying how mini-van’s were going extinct, and he said he knew that it was going to be rough. Elder Weiss was excellent at teaching the investigator, and focusing on them, getting them talking, listening well, use what they said as he taught them, and asking inspired questions. It was really cool to see him teach.

Anyways this week, well yesterday actually, I got my first feel of really major disappointment on my mission. One of our investigators (we’ve taught them almost all the lessons and they have been to church for four weeks straight) gave us a text about an hour before church saying she’d been drinking too much last night and that she felt to sick to come to church. It was pretty much the worst thing that could have happened. I felt bad, and was thinking about it a lot, then Elder Coalwell told me not to focus on the negative and the bad, but to think positively, and to really not dwell on it. We talked about how we just needed to love them and still be there for them, even though we were devastated (like Elder Holland talks about). They have a lot of challenges before them to get baptized, but we know that they have testimonies of Christ, and that no matter how many things pop up that He can help them through it all. They are such perfect investigators, and really are trying to change, it’s just really hard to stop doing all these things that have been parts of their lives almost forever. I feel good about it now, and we actually get to see them today which is good.

Other than that this week was a blast, last P-day we did bowling and I got a 131 and won the second game! Sorry I didn’t send pictures last week or this week, I forgot my camera last week and the cord this week so I can’t get them on the computer, but I’ll have some for sure next week! Also something that I thought was a little funny, but we can only write letters on P-day’s as well. We can mail them other days, but not write them. That reminds me that my companion wrote a letter to his family last week and then about four days later he got it back in the mail, and was really confused, but I just thought he got a letter, because his name and our address was in the center of the letter. He switched where the addresses go, and mailed it to himself!

Well I love all of you guys and hope things are going great for all of you!
Elder Hayden

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