The Best Kind of Work

Sep 29, 2014

So, for this week I was the Senior Companion, and had to make all of the decisions and lead in planning and things like that. We also...

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Moroni’s Promise

Sep 22, 2014

Hey everybody! Happy birthday Amy!!! So we had a fun little experience. We were walking in an apartment complex, next to ours, and...

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Your Blessing is a Guide

Sep 15, 2014

Well, transfers were last Thursday, and Elder Coalwell and I are staying in West Des Moines East, but we have a couple of new...

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Open Your Mouth

Sep 8, 2014

Hello everyone! Well this week has been so fast! I guess I emailed a day late last week so it hasn’t been as long, but we did...

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Charity for Others

Sep 2, 2014

Hey everybody! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I hope that today will be a great day! Anyway the reason that I’m emailing today is that...

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