Conference Was Amazing!

Oct 6, 2014

Conference Was Amazing!

Conference was amazing! There were so many inspired messages and great talks! We actually had two investigators show up to the last session and they liked it a lot, and Elder Bednar’s talk was great! Hopefully everybody got to see all of it, because it was all outstanding!

So transfers are next week but we don’t find out anything until next Monday night, and then that Thursday is transfer meeting. Most likely Elder Coalwell is leaving because he’ll be done training me and he’s been in this area about six months.

So our mission President has talked a little about the movie coming out “Meet the Mormons” and how it was originally made just to be played in the Legacy Theater and how the test groups liked it, and how afterwards people were more likely to see us as Christian, know us by the full name of the church (that the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are as the same as Mormons), and respect us more. There was a little clip from Elder Holland about it and he said those things as well as that all of the profit from the movie will go to charity, mostly to the American Red Cross. Since we can’t go to movie theaters and people will see this movie and ask us about it and it would be good for us to know what it’s talking about when they do, we got to see it last Friday. It was really good! The movie was done well and it was funny and it is definitely worth going to go see. We’ve been encouraging members to go see it and to invite their friends to as well! The movie wasn’t made for a proselyting tool, but our President said something about trying to find a way to adapt it as one.

I guess one other thing that I did this week was eat some Liberian food called fufu (foofoo?) not really sure how to spell it. But I have no idea how to describe it really (or have any idea what it actually was), but it was this blob of stuff on this other gooey stuff that you poured this spicy cassava/fish soup on that you pretty much swallowed each bite of the stuff whole. Chewing it didn’t do much good. I ate a decent amount of it but Elder Coalwell ate a ton of it. They were calling him a real African, and things like that, and then one of them called him a real African American and they laughed a ton. It was a fun lesson, but I would have to not recommend the fufu, as it didn’t taste very good at all. The soup part was ok, but it was definitely the most interesting thing I’ve eaten on my mission.

I love you all a lot!
Elder Hayden

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