Prayer Works

Oct 13, 2014

Prayer Works

So Elder Coalwell is staying a district leader, but he’s leaving :( I’m staying here, and I’ll find out who my new companion is on Thursday. So that means that I’m all done being trained. It’s gone by so fast. I still feel like I’ve only been in the field a week, but its been 11 weeks. Kind of crazy, but it has been good.

This past week was the first time that I really was on a bike much. I was about a month ago for half a day on an exchange, but I went on one with Elder Higbee Thursday, and he brought over his bike and the other one that we have and then Elder Coalwell and I kept them and biked Friday and Saturday. We biked for a long time, because we had people planned to visit, and they lived all over our area, and almost all of them fell through on Friday, so we biked a lot.

On Saturday we got a media referral, where someone had gone online or called something saying that they wanted missionaries to drop by, sometimes just for a free bible or something else, but other times for a lesson, but most often not much ever comes of it, or so I’ve been told. Anyway, we called Jim and he said that we could stop by the next day in the afternoon. So we did, and he let us in, and he is a really humble guy. He’s had some problems in his life, but really wants to get into a Church, and said that his mom suggested our church, so he called us up. He seemed really interested, committed to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and was excited about coming to church next week! We’re also meeting with him again today!

It’s funny how we really get what we pray for. I remember a few weeks ago Elder Coalwell and I praying to find someone to teach, and we found a guy who let us in and was nice, but wasn’t really interested at all and was just kind of trying to bash with us. Then we prayed that we’d find someone that we could teach that was really interested (lots of the investigators that we had at the time weren’t really interested at all) and we met someone who was really interested and had lots of questions, but he lived in Des Moines so we had to refer him over to those Elders. Then we prayed that we could teach someone in our area that was really interested, and we got a referral for Jim!

So I know that prayer works! And hope that everything is going well with all of you, and love you guys a lot!

Elder Hayden

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