Door to Door

Oct 20, 2014

Door to Door

So we had transfers this week and I got a new companion! His name’s Elder Coy, he’s from Corona California, has been out for about 20 months, is our district leader, and just got done being a zone leader for six months in Iowa City. He’s really awesome and really knows what should be going on and has lots of experience as well. We hit a raccoon on our first night (well it kind of hit us), and in two days saw about five brand new Corvettes and a Lamborghini. There are some wealthy people in West Des Moines, I guess.

Well the first half of this week was lots of saying good bye to people and things like that with Elder Coalwell, and then the second half was lots of finding. Elder Coy is a believer in door to door contacting, and the way that he does it, I am too. Lots of missionaries think that it isn’t very effective, which it definitely can be, Elder Coalwell and I really just said something brief about being missionaries who taught about Jesus Christ and asking if we could share a message. Elder Coy really knows how to get people to open up and have a real conversation with them. There are still some who straight up say no, or that they are really comfortable in their faith and have been saved and all that stuff, and so then we just ask if they know of someone who could benefit from a message about Christ. But I can definitely see the difference from what we used to do and then what we’re doing now. I’m not very good at it yet, but it’ll just take lots of practice to get there. Talking with everyone we see and meet, even when I don’t feel like it or don’t really want to or I’m cold, tired, hungry or anything.

I studied about charity today and there’s some serious stuff in the scriptures about it. In Corinthians 13 it says if we have enough faith to be able to move mountains (like the Brother of Jared kind of faith) and if we don’t have charity, we are nothing. So what this means to me is that I should have charity, or I am nothing. I need to be thinking about others and not myself. I need to have enough love for my fellow man that I care more about their eternal salvation than my personal comfort. I need to love people enough that I will give everyone the chance to accept the message of the restored gospel, even when I know that most of them will reject it. Charity needs to be my motivation to do missionary work, not numbers, not recognition, or to even just complete a mission. I need to be doing the things that I am out here because of charity. It’s hard. It really is the quest of a lifetime to get this down, but all I got to do is to keep trying and the Lord will help me to get to where He wants me to be. And in Moroni 7:48 it tells us that if we have charity (from praying for it and really trying to get it into our lives) that we shall be like the Savior. It’s really a hard thing to get, but I don’t want to be nothing, I want to be like the Savior.

Anyways those were some of my thoughts from the week, I hope that things are going really well with all of you, and I love you all lots!
Elder Hayden

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