Nov 10, 2014

Hey, Miles, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow, 17 is old. I hope that you have a great day on Thursday and that you have a blast! I hope things are going well with everyone and that you all have a good day on Miles’s birthday as well :P So the weather is worsening, and I’ve had to use my coat some, and it is really cold on bikes. I don’t remember if there was some questions that I never answered, so if there is send them to me again. This week was pretty good, lots of service and another exchange, so not much happened in our area really out of the ordinary or anything.

I don’t have a ton of time this week, I maybe should send this one out first, but things have been going good. We’re really going to be focusing on working with the members a lot more, and things like that, to get more work going, and I just read a great talk by President Hinckley today called Find the Lambs Feed the Sheep. and he talks all about how members and missionaries have to work together to be successful. I love being able to see the changes in people, and I think that I’m starting to see them in me some. I know that I’m different from who I was even a couple of years ago, and with feasting on the Word for a couple hours of every day, and praying a ton, I can understand why. Those two things, along with going to church, is really where I get my strength to do anything. It’s hard on the mission sometimes, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know exactly what I’m feeling, going through, everything. And really knowing that is comforting. I remember when I used to skip prayers because I was too tired, or to not read because I didn’t even think about it. I hope that I’m never like that again, because there is true power in these things.

Anyways I love all of you and wish the best for you!
Elder Hayden

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