Mission Tour

Nov 17, 2014

So this week was really great with having a good pday, and things going well that day, and then we had interviews with President Jensen this past Tuesday which were good as well. The weather on the other hand is not so good. It’s like 15 degrees today, and it snowed last week, and so now the roads are a little icy, we did some slipping and sliding driving around on Saturday, but this week we won’t have the car, so things will be even colder. We have been going to ward choir and singing (all four of the elders in the ward) because the ward is lacking in male voices, and we are preparing for the Christmas performance that they have, and so I’m hoping I don’t get transferred in part for being able to be here for that. Nothing too crazy happened this week other than that.

Last Friday we actually had my first mission tour, where a member of the Seventy or someone like that comes to tour the mission. So it was supposed to be Elder Godoy, who spoke this last conference in Portuguese, and he was supposed to come earlier, but things happened and it got pushed back. And then Elder Godoy got an emergency assignment to a different area in the world, and so we got Elder Craig A. Cardon of the first quorum of the Seventy to come and speak to us. He is in charge of the church magazines, and spoke in Conference in April of 2013 about how the Savior wants to forgive. So he talked to us for a while and it was really good. He explained a lot of stuff about the Seventy and other things about the Priesthood and was a really powerful speaker, and taught from the scriptures. I think that’s something that I could do better on is actually teaching from them instead of using them to just back me up or something like that. But one of the things that really impressed me was his knowledge of the scriptures, especially the Doctrine and Covenants. He actually opened it up for any questions about the Seventy or the Priesthood, or anything really. And every question he would say something about that being a good question, and then he would ask if everyone could turn to section such and such of the Doctrine and Covenants, and then he would use them to answer all of the questions. It just blew me away how much Elder Cardon knew about D&C to be able to answer any doctrinal question using them.

Elder Cardon actually shared a really cool story about how we are called to serve in what area. He said that a member of the Twelve sits and has two monitors in front of them and that one has all of the areas in the world that we could serve a mission, and that the other one has our application, with our picture and other information on it, and that a secretary starts reading off the information on the screen and at any point the member of the Twelve Apostles just stops the person reading and says “Iowa Des Moines” or whatever the mission would be, and then they move on to the next one. Elder Cardon was saying he got to watch a member of the Twelve do this and said that in every case there was one element the same, and that was revelation. He said that there was one application that the person read the whole thing and that the Apostle just said that he wasn’t getting anything and to move on, so they started reading the next one, and a little while later he said “Iowa Des Moines” (Elder Cardon said he can’t remember what mission it was really) and the person asked if that was for the one he was reading and the Apostle said that it was for the previous one, and Elder Cardon said that then he turned to him and said that just as important to know when the Lord is speaking to you, it is important to know when he is not speaking to you. So it was a really great Zone Conference/Mission tour.

Well I hope that all of you are doing great and that things are going well!
I love you all!
Elder Hayden

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