Happy International Bible Day!

Nov 24, 2014

Well today is the international day of the Bible, so sorry I don’t have a really inspiring message out of the Bible, but maybe next week. The Bible Videos the Church has put out truly are amazing though at helping me visualize the stories, and make it really come to life.

But we were walking this last week and it was pretty cold. There was some snow and the temperature in the teens, with some strong winds so it got down there and walking wasn’t the funnest thing. But it actually warmed up a lot this weekend, with saturday and sunday in the 40′s and so i was in a t shirt doing service on saturday. We actually did the most service that i’ve ever done in my life this last week. We did our normal service on tuesday from 8-11 at this family grieving center, where we just help with getting things prepared and working, and then we had bishops storehouse on wednesday from 8-12, then on thursday we went back to help out at that grieving place for some things they really needed to get done (the place is called Amanda the Panda) from 8-11, and then on friday we did service at the food pantry from 8-12, and then on Saturday we did this service for the Des Moines sisters investigator, Terah, from 10-4. Saturday was a long day. We literally painted the entire outside of this lady’s house with six elders and some paintbrushes, and some paint. It was barely warm enough to go paint, but it was a good service project, because that place needed a paint job bad, and it’s fun to help people. So I’ve been in the service kind of mood this last week, and we also didn’t get to teach much, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Hope that all of you will have some great Thanksgiving meals, and that you have a great time remembering how blessed we all are, and that everything that we have all comes from God anyways, and that we should be thankful for His blessings of anything, really.

Anyways, I love you all a lot!
Elder Hayden

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