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Dec 1, 2014

So I had a pretty good week this week, and the other Elders in our ward had a baptism! DeWitt Clinton (both of those names are cities in Iowa) was baptized last Saturday, and he is 95 years old! He is still able to get around pretty good on his own, and isn’t the most talkative person, but after he was confirmed on Sunday he just stood up and bore his testimony about how he had searched for years to find the right church and that he found it now. Elder Coy and I got to give a presentation about the Restoration at his baptism, while he was getting changed, and it was a really awesome experience. I could literally see a change in him after he was baptized, he was a lot happier and wanted to talk with people about it!

Well that was the exciting news this week. Still haven’t gotten our call from President Jensen or the Assistants (one, Elder Weiss, is going home this transfer so we have a new one. Elder Weiss has been an AP for a whole year) so we don’t know what’s up with transfers yet,

After the baptism, there were about seven or so missionaries that decided we were going to go out for lunch, and we went to this place called Zombie Burger. It’s this way popular unique burger place that has way good food, and I’ve been there a couple of times before, and got this burger with bacon, barbecue sauce, guacamole, and lots of other stuff on it, and it was really good. Anyways I got this certain burger recommended to me, and Elder Coy did as well. It was called “The Walking Ched”. And that’s truly what it was. Wow. So we both ended up getting the double, so it had two patties, with cheddar cheese slices on it, bacon, caramelized onions, and there was this little container of mac and cheese that you put in the burger. Nothing too crazy, a little different, but it looked really good. But it gets better. The bun was not bread at all, it was breaded, deep fried mac and cheese. It is the only burger that they serve with a fork, and this thing was massive, and so greasy. It was sooooo good too, until I got done with it and then I actually felt pretty bad. I’m never going to eat one of those things again, ever. I didn’t get a picture of it, but a different elder did so I’m going to try and get it from him.

Other than that we did have a really cool experience with being led by the Spirit again. We had an hour before a dinner appointment and were wondering what to do, when we decided to go visit this less active that we had never tried before on this list of less active people we had. When we got close to the street, we saw a guy, Toby, that we had talked to a couple of weeks before, and he was really sweet, but we didn’t get any contact info from him, so we realized that he had said he lived on 30th, which is the same place that our less active, Frank, lived. So we went on a little stakeout and waited to see which house Toby went in, and then decided to go visit him after Frank. When we got to the number Frank lived at, we realized that was the house Toby lived in! We knocked and an older man, Cruise, opened the door, and let us in, and we had a really great lesson with him. Toby only was there for the closing prayer, but Cruise was a really cool guy. He had just had a heart transplant, and felt the blessings from God in that process (he said he got a replacement heart in 4 days instead of the usual 6 to 12 months!) and that he couldn’t read from having two strokes in the hospital during all of this, but that when he gets glasses and in a little while that hopefully it would come back, and to give him the Book of Mormon then. It was just a really cool experience and we just felt so good afterwards.

Anyways that’s whats been going on with me this last week, I learned a couple powerful lessons, stay away from the “Walking Ched” was one, but a better one was that I’ve really been hit with the reality of the authority and power of my calling as a full time missionary. We missionaries really are ambassadors of Jesus Christ, with His power given to us, and if He be for us, who can stand against us? and all of the experiences we have will give us experience and be for our good.

Love you all a lot!
Elder Hayden

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