Christmas Zone Conference

Dec 15, 2014

Our Christmas Zone Conference was super awesome! We got to listen to the Assistants and President and Sister Jensen and we also got to watch the movie Ephraim’s Rescue, which was great as well. The other part of the conference was Book of Mormon skits or a Christmas carol, from each district. So we did a skit on a story from the Book of Mormon. We did the story of Lehi’s sons going back to get the plates from Laban, but we threw in a Star Wars twist, which made it fun, and it actually came together really good. So it was a lot of fun and a really uplifting Zone Conference.

Christmas is so close! It’s next week!

We have been passing out the “He is the Gift” pass a long cards as much as we can and are trying to share that Gift with everyone, even those who say “we’re not interested” or “we have our own religion” and we just pray that everyone would watch that video. We haven’t seen the results from the video much in our proselyting, but we know that they are there.

We did find two new amazing investigators, Travis and Juana. They are both from different religious backgrounds, but they have two young kids and they want them to raise them in one church, so they are really searching, and just haven’t quite found it yet. It really is not a coincidence that we met them, because Elder Coy said that his parents were in almost the exact circumstance. They were doing the same thing, and the Book of Mormon changed his dad’s life, so we’re praying that they will read the copy we left them and the pamphlet as well and we can still meet with them.

Thanks for everything!
Love you and merry Christmas!
Elder Hayden

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