Dec 29, 2014

It’s crazy to think that it is almost 2015 already! The days and weeks are flying by. I’ve been pretty tired since Christmas, and there just doesn’t seem any way to change that much. I loved getting to see family on Christmas, and that really made Christmas for me! I did go on another exchange with the Zone Leaders this past week and we knocked on this door that the doorknob was in the center of the door. It really made me think of a hobbit hole door, which made me smile. Then in Elder’s quorum this last week we also talked about the Hobbit, and how in the second movie when they are all in the forest and they can’t get out, and they are all in a kind of fog, and while they were in the fog they couldn’t make the correct choices to get them out, so Bilbo climbs up a tree to get out of the fog so he could help them to go in the right direction to help them all out, and the President of the elders quorum related that to President Monson’s talk titled Ponder the Path of Thy Feet and how the direction we are going is important.

Sorry for the short email this week, I’ll write a better one next week, but I have just been thinking about patriarchal blessings a lot over the past little while, because I’ve been pouring over mine quite a few times and just realizing what a true blessing that it is in my life to have that, just for me.
I love you all a lot and hope that you have a great start to the new year!
Elder Hayden

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