Jan 12, 2015

Well I haven’t gotten my transfer call yet, so I don’t know where I’ll be in four days, but I know that I’ll be where the Lord wants me to be. I just haven’t left my first area, so I don’t really know what the differences will be like and all of that, but it will be good. I’m excited to find out if I’ll be leaving or not!

So this week was pretty cold, and we got a decent amount of snow last week on Monday. and it was pretty cold, so they shut us down for the night at 7 and we couldn’t drive from then until 10 on Tuesday, so we couldn’t go out, then on Wednesday it was in the negatives and a nice wind that dropped it to I don’t know how low, so we got grounded that day as well, and were only allowed to go outside if we had a car, or got a ride from a member (so no walking) and only to go to appointments, we weren’t allowed to knock doors or do any finding like that, and we had one appointment that day, which fell through, so we tried another potential that was in the same apartment complex, and they weren’t there, and in the five minutes we were outside we were frozen even with all our layers, so we had to stay in most of that day as well. So this week was a little slow on the missionary work, but it was still good.

So this week I had a pretty good companion study with Elder Coy. I had spilled hot chocolate all over my desk on Tuesday, which of course was not tidy and had papers and books all over it, so it was a big mess and I had to clean it up which wasn’t fun, but then on Saturday Elder Coy spilled orange juice all over his desk (we have been eating at our desks because we didn’t have any chairs for the table) and spent a lot of time cleaning that up right as we were about to start comp study, and so he told me to lead the study and that he would offer his wisdom and knowledge from almost 23 months on the mission, but he wouldn’t be following along or anything in Preach My Gospel. So I was sitting there thinking what we should study (we didn’t plan what to study the night before, which is bad, but we didn’t) and I just started talking about how I never felt like I was getting led by the Spirit or getting inspiration on what to do and all of these things like that and Elder Coy told me to go to a page in preach my gospel and read a quote by Elder Oaks and he essentially says that we will be led by the Spirit if we are doing what we should, and that if we don’t get a distinct impression on something specific, that we should use our best judgement and act accordingly, and that for those instances it may not matter if we go and try this specific potential or that one, because both will be good, but we do have to act and the Lord knows where we’ll be, and so he can take care of everything, people to be put in our path and things like that. Then I realized that this study was that principle, because I didn’t know what to do for it, but using my best judgement I chose something out of preach my gospel to read and it ended up being a good study, and helping me out a lot, because a lot of times I don’t know what to do and just wait for something specific to jump into my mind without me using my judgement and making decisions. So I learned a valuable lesson.

I hope that everything is going well with all of you! I love you all!
Elder Hayden

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