I was transferred!

Jan 19, 2015

Hey, everybody!

So I did get transferred for the first time, and I’m now in Ames, IA, which is actually really close to West Des Moines, like 45 minutes north or so. I’m excited about that, because for Zone Conferences and things like that I’ll get to see some of the missionaries in my last Zone, and I’m close enough to get to go back to West Des Moines for a baptism in February of someone that I taught there (the 13 year old daughter of a recent convert that he just got custody of). My new companions name is Elder Anninos and he’s from Great Falls Montana, and has been on a mission for two transfers longer than me, so 3 months longer, which puts him at 9 months. Elder Ridenour from my MTC district is in my ward as well (the Ames 1st ward) and Elder Coalwell is the district leader of the other district in our Zone so I’ll see him a few times as well. So Ames is the city where Iowa State University is, which is like the second biggest college in Iowa, I think, or one of the biggest, but we don’t cover the actual campus, the Sisters here do, but we do have a few apartment complexes that house lots of students, and the vast majority of them are Chinese, so this is my first experience with teaching lots of people who don’t have a belief in God, or an understanding of Christianity as a whole, but it’s a great experience!

This week was really long, it felt like, but we did have some great experiences. Elder Anninos and I had a member dinner with a member, and we went there and he didn’t answer, so we called and he didn’t answer, but a little while later he called back and said he fell asleep on accident so he didn’t have anything and we would have to reschedule. Then we went to try potential investigators, and we contacted this guy on the street, Zhi-Ming, who said he was interested and that we could come back. He let us teach him and he said he already has a belief in God, and we’re excited to keep meeting with him, but we know that if we were in that member dinner we wouldn’t have met him at all!

We also have a baptism this Saturday for a Chinese woman named Chong-Zhang, who has a PhD in physics, and is really smart, and was taught everything before I got here, but it will be great to get to see a baptism.

Anyways I love all of you and hope that you have an amazing week!
Elder Hayden

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