Transfer Week!

Feb 24, 2015

So this week is transfers again! I can’t believe how fast this six weeks have gone! It seems like I came to Ames last week, and now Elder Anninos is leaving and going to be a district leader somewhere and I’ll get a new companion and be the senior one in the area, so hopefully I know where everything is! So I’ll let you know next week how everything went, but we had a pretty good week! We had another baptism! Her name is Elaine, and she is really awesome, and really believes that it’s true, and it was a really neat experience and was an awesome day!

The Ames 1st Ward had it’s annual Chili Cook-off this past Saturday and it is a competition between all of the men in the ward to make their best chili (has to be homemade) and let everyone try it and then vote on them. So it was really fun and there were some really really good chilis. There was some regular chili, someone brought a white chili, then there was a pretty much curry Indian (like from India, there’s a recent convert, Anmol whose from India) chili stuff that was pretty good, then some moose meat chili, someone brought alligator meat chili, and the one that I voted for had beef, bacon, and bison meat in it. They were all super good and was really fun, and definitely my first time tasting alligator, it was good, kind of sweet, but not sure exactly what it tasted like because it was in chili. Anyway a funny story that goes along with this was earlier that day Elder Anninos and I were visiting with the woman who got baptized last month, Chong who is from China, so she has a strong accent, but we were telling her about the Chili cook-off and she asked how to spell chili (she does that a lot with words she doesn’t know so that she knows what the word is and can look it up and things like that) so I said c-h-i-l-i and she writes chily (thinking I said y not i the second time) and then I said “not a y” and she goes ohh, and writes chilyy, thinking I said another y (notha y”) anyway it was really funny and Elder Anninos started laughing pretty good, but we sorted it all out eventually, I had to write it out for her, but yeah, language barriers are fun sometimes!

So this week we had ward conference and the stake leaders spoke to us and there was a really good lesson in Sunday school. So President Paxton, who is a counselor in the stake presidency, talked to us about vacations, and asked us what we have to do to get ready to go on a vacation to Disneyland. And lots of people said lots of stuff, and he said yeah we need to do all of these things, and it’s kind of like a check list. We get the car ready, check, we get food or snack for the ride, check, we get tickets to Disneyland, check, and on and on. But he said that we never continue checking things off the whole trip do we? We don’t go and walk into the park and pull out a list and go, entered Disneyland, check, rode some ride, check, rode this roller coaster, check. That’s not the fun in a vacation, checking things off a list, its the journey, the people we’re with and the feelings we get, its the fun, the relaxing feeling as we let go of the stress of the regular life on vacation, that’s why we take vacations. Or at least why most people do. Some people do have things that are on a list while they are on vacation and are worried about getting all of these things done and life is stressful and all of this stuff and that’s no fun. I remember some family reunions where us kids were like lets just chill and play a game or something, but we had this activity planned where we needed to be somewhere but we were late and it got all stressful because we weren’t focusing on the list of things to do as much and that stress made it seem not as fun. So President Paxton related this to repentance. We’ve all seen the little checklist of things that we need to do and that we are supposed to do them (recognize, feel sorrow, confess, restitution, etc.), and that all of them are important, like the preparing for the trip, we have to get ready and do all that stuff to have a good trip, but he was saying how the true repentance, is in our hearts, and not simply a little list. It wasn’t the act of checking these things off the list that is true repentance, but it is the changes within us and the attitudes that we have that is the real important part.

Anyway I don’t remember all of it and sort of rambled a little, but I hope that all is going well for all of you!
Love you all!
Elder Hayden

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