Zone Training

Mar 9, 2015

Time is flying! It really feels like it was just Christmas, but at the same time that seems like it was a really long time ago. So my new companion is Elder Olsen and he’s been out about 20 months (same with Elder Coy when I first was companions with him so for some reason I’m getting old missionary companions). So Elder Coy went home at transfers as well! This was a super big transfer meeting, with 31 people going home so lots and lots of departing testimonies, which took a long time, and some of the Sisters “testimonies” were just cute little stories that rambled on and had no real meaning until they finally said something about missionary work or the Savior which was good and a real testimony, but some of them took like 10 minutes when they were supposed to take only 1 or 2 so it was really long! So long that President Jensen got up and said that Sister Jensen told him not to even give a talk at all (he usually does and then tells us all about transfers and who’s with who in what area and all of that goodness. So it was a different transfer meeting, and it was more interesting, that 8 Zone Leaders were going home in one transfer and one more was released and they had to close down 15 areas because we just aren’t getting as many missionaries as before (closing down means combining areas, so if the ames 1st south area was closed down then the ames 1st north area would just become the ames 1st area and cover both of the old areas, so there’s still missionaries everywhere, but some of the areas are bigger now) and they actually closed down a zone, so our zone absorbed the Fort Dodge Zone and now is a mega zone with 28 missionaries in it and 3 districts that are all pretty big, so it was exciting!

We did have a cool experience with student potential investigator that became an investigator, Skyler, who’s studying History. He’s really interested in church history and knew a lot about it, and actually said he wanted to read the history of the church as well as the Book of Mormon and all the pamphlets we have so it was really great to get to teach him and he’s excited to learn more!

So not much has changed with me, but hopefully all is well with you guys! I love you all a lot!
Elder Hayden

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