Well it’s been 8 months

Mar 16, 2015

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Dustin and Daniel! Sorry I’m late, so I hope that you had awesome birthdays and had tons of fun!

So eight months ago today I entered the MTC! It seems like I went in a few weeks ago and it feels like I’ll be out here forever, but at the same time it feels like it’s been forever and that I won’t get to be a missionary for that much longer. Time is real weird out here.

Well this week was super slow. We didn’t have a single investigator lesson, and went finding, which is mostly knocking doors (which isn’t that effective), a lot. We also have been trying to work with Elaine, a recent convert who we’re worried about who’s hinted she might not stay active over the summer back home. College people are so frustrating, they’re always busy and studying and taking tests and doing dumb stuff and yeah.

We also were talking with Elaine about change. She’s afraid that her family will think that she’s a different person now that she’s a “mormon” and that she wants to wait 6 months or so and then tell them and say see I’m not a different person. Elder Olsen and I were thinking about that and realized if we are truly living the Gospel of Christ, we will change, we will be constantly trying to change to be better, to be more like Him and that acting with faith and trying to repent to keep the Holy Ghost with us will change us for the better. If she lived the gospel for 6 months her family should and would notice a change, how she was more Christlike. We talked with her about it and she understood that good change is obviously a good thing and that we shouldn’t be afraid to change, because how we are now is not who God wants us to be, or who we were intended to be (in the end). We need to keep changing and being better. I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to keep trying to be more Christlike and improve and that we can change and that He will help us to change to be who we should be. Doing the simple things that are so easy and so common, like going to church, reading scriptures daily, and praying multiple times a day help us to change. They help us to develop Christlike attributes. I know that the reason that we try to get our investigators to do those three things is because that is it. It’s that simple to get a testimony, by doing those things in the right way for the right reasons we can feel the Spirit and we will feel that it is true. I know that it is just as important for members to be doing those things so that they stay close to the Lord and the Spirit. As a missionary it was super important to do that before my mission and during so that I can say to the people that I meet with you know I know that you can come to know that these things are true, because I’ve done what we ask you to do, I’ve read daily and prayed daily to know that it is true and I have gotten that witness from the Spirit that we promise you.

Anyways I know that God loves all of us and I feel super blessed, more than I can describe, to be a part of His true church.
Love all of you so much!
Elder Hayden

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