Mar 23, 2015

Well this week seemed like a blur! Probably because of Zone Conference and an exchange with Elder Ridenour, but it still went by super fast. So we’ve had this super weird thing going on, with this referral, from the ZL’s, texting us and trying to set up a time to meet, but she gives us an address that doesn’t exist, or she calls us and is talking and then hangs up in the middle of the conversation. One time she told us that she was at the beach, then a couple minutes later said that she was in the Ames hospital and had been there the last day and a half, then sent us a text a few minutes later saying she was playing Call of Duty with her friends someplace else, so she seems kind of bipolar, or like there is multiple personalities in her or something, I don’t know, but it’s super weird and so we kind of gave up trying to contact her after a full week and a half of that. So one of these times we set up a time to visit her at the Ames public library and we were waiting outside for her (she didn’t show or answer her phone) but this lady comes up to us and says, “it looks like you’re open to be converted” and we were confused, but said sure so she starts going off and tries to convert us to Christianity, and asked if we believed in the resurrection and we said yes and then she asked if we believed in the resurrection the way the Bible says that it happened and if that contradicted what we had been taught, would we disregard what we had been taught and side with the bible? It was a loaded and kind of strange question, and Elder Olsen who loves finding plot holes in movies and getting super technical and loves deep doctrine said that her question was a contradiction, because if he disregarded everything he had been taught, he would have to disregard the bible, because he had been taught to believe the bible so then how could he just go with what the bible said? She really didn’t get what he said, and he tried to explain but she kept saying nope, no (i’m pretty sure she just wanted a yes or no answer and that was it) and then said that he tried and that she wanted to hear my answer. I tried to ask what her interpretation of what the bible says about resurrection and was trying to understand her question a little better, because in the moment I was a little confused by it, because she restated it like 5 times, but she just stood up and cut me off, and started walking away and said, I tried. So it was interesting for someone to try and convert me to Christianity. The next day I studied up on what the Bible says about the resurrection and it pretty much says what we believe so I don’t really know what that lady was trying to get at, but it was a memorable experience, kind of made me smile a little.

So at Zone Conference we got a training about how to keep daily contact with investigators, because we help them to keep their commitments during the time in between lessons, not just at the lessons and other reasons like that. So we decided to try it, even though most missionaries think that our investigators will become annoyed or bugged if we somehow contact them (stopping by for a minute, a text, a call) every day so most here don’t. We had a lesson with a really awesome guy, Jerome, who is really trying to find the truth. He’s been baptized a couple of times but doesn’t really feel connected to a religion at all, because all of the churches he’s been to he said he doesn’t feel that they really cared about him at all really. So we were a little apprehensive about asking him if it was cool to text him daily about his reading or praying and just keep in contact with him because we didn’t want to annoy him and drive him away because he is really awesome. So we did it and he was totally fine with it, and said that all that meant to him was that we really cared and so it actually meant a lot to him. Then when he prayed he thanked God for sending people to him that actually cared about him and his family. It was really awesome, and I know that we all felt the Spirit and that the leaders of our mission are so inspired and that God knows what each of us needs. He knows what we need to do and what our investigators need so He can help us to do missionary work! It is His work, and I have an assurance of that.

I love all of you so much and hope that everything is going well for all of you!
Elder Hayden

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