Goodbye Ames!

Apr 13, 2015

I got transferred! I’m now in Iowa City, which is the opposite side of the mission. It’s the other big college town in the mission, home of University of Iowa, the Hawkeyes, who are the rivals to Iowa State’s Cyclones from Ames. So that’s kind of funny. My new companion is Elder Bouwhuis pronounced Bow (like to take a bow) iss. And this is his last transfer, so it’s been a great couple of days. We’re kind of similar, he’s just a year older than me. He’s from Toele, UT and likes soccer, played in high school, went to UVU for a semester, and is a little more quiet. He tells everyone that we meet that he’s only a little more than a year out, and wants everyone to think that he has a lot longer left in the mission. I’ve seen some missionaries let it go at the end, because “I’m going home in a few weeks anyway” or some dumb reason like that. Seems that some people think it’s expected or even ok to ease up when you are almost ready to go home, but he isn’t at all.

So we’ve been together four days, and we are going to go on an exchange with one of the APs this Tuesday night so that will be good, but then Elder Ellsworth (ap) called us today and told us that we’re going to get another companion, so we’ll be in a tripanionship! So that’ll be new. His name will be Elder Peterson and I think he’s been out 6 weeks less than me. So other than that I am in another city, with the stake center in my area, which has been the case for all three of my areas, so that’s fun. There are a lot of big geographical areas that don’t have many people in them but I haven’t served out there yet.

We have quite a few investigators here, more than my other areas, and have taught a decent amount already, so I’m excited to get to keep teaching and improving how I teach. We’ve taught people from China, from Iraq, from Poland, and Africa. I’m still surprised at the diversity that is in Iowa. I love getting to go out and to try and share the gospel and know that the more we lose ourselves in the gospel that the more we are blessed and have the Spirit to be with us. I’m thankful to all of the people that I get to meet and for those that I know that help me to learn more and have helped me in the past to come closer to God. The only frustrating thing about sharing the gospel is that it comes down to each person. They have to want it and be searching for it which not everyone is even when they know they should. It’s also that way for us, we can go through the motions, but if we want it, we can have the Spirit to be with us always.

I love all of you so much!
Elder Hayden

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