Iowa City!

Apr 20, 2015

So I love Iowa City! It’s super fun and there are lots of people to teach and it is great. The other elders in our ward had a couple get married and then baptized last Saturday which was amazing! It was so great to see them make those choices and the Spirit was really strong. I got to be the chorister at the baptism (and at district meeting, i guess people found out I can lead music) and it was ok at district meeting, because I just get up and wave my arm and it doesn’t much make any difference what I do, but at the baptism, the lady playing the piano was actually following me, and going with the time I set, and ended when I put my arm down and cut off when I did, so I actually got nervous that I was going to mess it up or something. So that was different than most times leading music.

Anyway, Elder Petersen and Elder Bouwhuis are great! It’s fun being in a trio, but its a lot different than just two. At first it reminded me a little of the MTC when we were teaching people at the TRC (or the practice teaching on real people place) and they didn’t have enough volunteers so all six of the elders in my district taught him at the same time, which is way too many people to try and teach one guy, but it was a little tricky at first just getting used to who talks and when, but things are going pretty good now. We got it figured out some and teaching has been going well. We didn’t even think about it until we had been together for a few hours but we had to find Elder Petersen a bed and most of his other stuff fit in the room that we have. We did get him a bed, but the AC doesn’t really work in our room, so it gets sort of hot in the middle of the night, but its not too bad.

So we were out tracting last night and it was getting later, it was a little after 8 and it had started raining pretty good (its that season again) and I was the only one that had a raincoat, so the other two were getting pretty wet, and so we were thinking about driving around to go find at some apartments that were indoor so that we wouldn’t get more soaked and we were actually at a large apartment complex that had a mix of indoor and outdoor (like the front doors to the apartments were inside a little hallway) places, but Elder Bouwhuis said that he’d knocked the inside ones already, so we thought about going someplace else but that probably would’ve taken up most of the time that we had left that night, because we go in at 8:30 on Sunday nights for the DL’s to get numbers from the other missionaries. So we just decided to go and knock on these outside ones even though we (mostly the other two as they were getting soaked and i was decently dry in my raincoat) didn’t really want to, but knew we should so we could use our time effectively. And we got a new investigator, and two people that said the would be cool with us coming back in only a couple of doors! It was really amazing how the Lord helped us and it was a testimony builder that as we try to use our time the best we can to help others the Lord will help us to be able to help many people.

I love getting to serve God here in Iowa and know that the promise of having His Spirit with us always is real, and that constant companionship is worth more to me than anything else that I have out here in Iowa. I love all of you so much!

Elder Hayden

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