Last week

Apr 27, 2015

Well we had a really average week this past week, except Sunday. So we got a call on Saturday night by the primary president in our ward, and they were going to be doing a restoration presentation to the kids, and she was having people come in and dress up as the characters, like Joseph Smith or the angel Moroni or John the Baptist, and she asked if we would be a part of it, and be the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon, because there were three of us. Of course we said yes and got all dressed up and went in and did it for the junior primary, really little kids and we were trying to tell them about what “we” did and towards the end of one class the teachers said they don’t know what a witness even was or what the gold plates were, so that was fun trying to explain that simply to four year olds. In the break between junior and senior primary sharing time Elder Petersen said that he was starting to get a blurry line in his vision. He said that he would get migraines once or twice a year really bad and they would start with that kind of a symptom. So he knew he was about to get a super headache so he sat out for the senior primary. So we were the three witnesses, but there was only two of us, so the kids were calling us out on that and there were a few of them yelling at us that we were fake and we were not the three witnesses, and some other kid kept saying you came to my house, over and over. So it was fun, a little hectic, but fun. Elder Petersen was looking worse when we came back out and asked for some migraine medicine called Excedrin and we actually found him some at the church. Then he was sitting on the ground in the hall as we were getting out of our costumes and he was looking pretty bad, seemed like he was in lots of pain, then he said that his face and his left hand were feeling numb. He said that he’d never had that before with his migraines so we talked to one of the primary teachers who was a nurse and he said we should get him home to a cool dark room and let him sleep. so we started to do that but then we called the mission nurse and she asked what was going on and started talking to him, and he had pretty much all of the symptoms of a stroke and she told us to take him to the ER. So we went to the University of Iowa hospital and he got talked to by a nurse, doctor, then the neurologist, and they gave him some medicine and then Elder Bouwhuis and I gave him a blessing (good thing we were in a trio!) and then they said that they were sure it wasn’t a stroke, but it was just a really bad migraine but they wanted to do an MRI just to be sure. Elder Petersen slept while we waited, and then his symptoms went down a lot, he got the MRI and all of that and then President Jensen and his wife, who happened to be in town showed up to see how he was doing, and everything went good with the scan and he’s all better. We spent from noon to 7 at the hospital yesterday, and Elder Bouwhuis and I just sat there for most of it, and we had left for church at 7:20 in the morning, so none of us had eaten since then so it was a long crazy day, but he’s doing great and they didn’t give him a prescription or anything it was just one really bad migraine that caused lots of other symptoms. He got to call his parents last night to tell them about it and that he was fine.

So there was a time where we were waiting for someone to come in and look at him, which was most of the time we were there, but we were sitting in a room with the door open facing the hall, and some guy sprints past our door screaming. He was booking it and we were like what is going on, and 5 seconds later a bigger security guard comes puffing along after him talking into his radio. Super random but it was kinda funny. Another side note, when we were talking with president he asked how many times we’d been to the temple and I said 0 for 9 months or so, and he said that I could go this transfer, so that will be awesome!

Other than that we found a super amazing guy named Jeff who is really searching for the gospel. We gave him almost all of the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon and he’s been absorbing all of it in. He lives in a place where there’s not much to do, and he’s literally living on no income at all, so all he has is time. When we set a date with him to be baptized on May 16, I thought he might think that was too soon, but all he said was that would be perfect. I love getting to teach someone who is like that, it makes it so fun and exciting! Other than that things have been going pretty normal.

I love you all so much!
Elder Hayden

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