Congrats Kimber and Tyler!

May 4, 2015

Well, first off, congrats to Kimber and Tyler!! So happy for you both! I had a pretty good week, but definitely not as good as yours. Anyway, I went on exchanges into the Spanish area here in Iowa City, and that’s always an adventure. This time we met a few people that spoke only Spanish, so Elder Johnson had to translate for me when I was supposed to talk, which I really only did when I bore my testimony at the end, but it was good. We got a member meal, which was totally unplanned, its just those people are so nice that they want to feed us if we’re there and so we got some food. First we got some fish soup that was literally half a fish in some broth with some spinach. It had a great flavor, but I’m sure I ate a lot of tiny bones, so it wasn’t my favorite dish. Then Sister Hernandez gave us each a little piece of meat that was smooth looking and small, and she wanted us to eat it at the same time, so I knew that it was something that I didn’t really want to know what it was, but we ate it, and then she told us that they were chicken hearts, so yeah. I’ve had chicken heart now. It wasn’t too bad, but not my favorite. Then we got this plate of other meat with salsa like stuff, and they wouldn’t tell us what that was either, so we just ate it. The meat was a little more tough than I like and had some other stuff in it that looked fishy, but we finally found out as we were leaving it was chicken gizzard, which I think is a kind of stomach thing, so now I’ve had that too. So that was fun.

We’ve been doing a decent amount of service for people this week too. We helped a non member lady who’s not interested in us teaching her much, but needs help to spread 85 bags of mulch all over her property, so that was fun. Then this Saturday, we helped shovel and wheelbarrow 10 tons of dirt for a lady, (a Sister Jones from the Iowa City 4th ward I think she said that she’d put pictures on the mission fb page) and that took about 6 of us a couple of hours. Then we went and helped a guy in our ward to spread a ton of mulch on his property after that (side note, we also ran 1.5 miles that morning so I was super exhausted). So yep service is great, I love helping people!

We also have been trying to work on some of the Christlike attributes each week as a tripanionship and last week we were praying to have more patience. Kind of the wrong thing to pray for, because we got extra opportunities to be patient! Pretty much both of our most progressing investigators that were going to be baptized in the next two weeks both dropped us. Jeff went out of town for a weekend and has been avoiding us since, ignoring calls and when we see him says hes super tired busy and cant talk right now. Baosheng talked with his wife who’s in China and then told us that it is his culture to drink tea and alcohol, and that when he goes back he knows that he will, because his family friends and colleagues will offer it to him and if he says no that is really rude and offensive, kind of like saying that their stuff isn’t good enough for him, or something like that, so he doesn’t want to be baptized and make a covenant with God and then break the commandments. He wants to keep meeting with us and loves church, God and Jesus Christ a lot. He is such an amazing guy. He’s 40, is married, has one daughter (they’re in China) and had an English teacher from Utah who introduced him to the church, and now is doing research at U of I, and loves the church a lot. So we’ll keep meeting with him, but he most likely won’t get baptized. So we are trying to be as patient as we can, but its hard.

I do know that we get what we ask for, and that we do get blessings for doing what we should even when its hard (maybe even especially when its hard) and will look for blessings this coming week that come from staying motivated even when we lost our top progressing people, but those blessings may not come for a while, but I know God will help us, because this is His work.

I love you all a lot!
Elder Hayden

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