Nauvoo Temple!

May 11, 2015

So this last week was amazing! I got to Skype home for Mothers’ day, which was awesome! And I got to go to the temple this week! I haven’t been able to go for 9 months, just too far away from Nauvoo, but we went on Saturday. We went down for a baptism for someone Elder Petersen taught, and then to the temple! So it used up our pday, so we still get to email today, but we don’t have a normal pday this week, so it will be a long time until the next one, because next week is a transfer week, and so pday that week will be on Wednesday. So we got to go to a few baptisms this week, which are always exciting to get to see people who are making those good choices. So I got to do two things that I don’t get to do very often in my mission (temple and Skype) so it was one of the really good weeks that I’ve had so far. We also got to teach a few people, and find a few new people to teach this week. One of our challenges here is getting to keep teaching people after the first lesson. We teach them the restoration and then they say we can come back, but we never seem to get to meet with any of them that often, and with the end of the school year coming more people will be leaving, so that’ll be fun. Lots of helping people move most likely! Sorry for the short email, but I’ll let you know next week what’s happening with transfers. Elder Bouwhuis is going home, and Elder Petersen and I will most likely be staying here, but we never know for sure. Thanks for all of your love and support!

Love you all!
Elder Hayden

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