MTC Week One

Kamusta pamilya (Hi family)!!!

I sure hope all is going well with you!!  It sure is going well with me!  I love being here at the MTC =)

Today (TUES) is my Preparation Day, so this is the day that I get to email you!  I found out that I will be here in the MTC for 9 weeks (so until Dec. 10th).  I’m excited, the MTC is one of the neatest learning and growing experiences that I have ever had!  It truly is a Missionary training center.  =)

So, each week we have a full schedule of studying, eating, sleeping, preparing, and other things.  It is SO exciting, especially as I’m learning to study and act with more purpose behind all I do.  When I first got here, they had host sisters and elders who helped us.  We dropped our stuff off at our room, and then met our district (and we are all in the same class – in our district there are 3 sisters and 6 elders.  So, yes, I have two mga kasama (companions).  Their names are Sister Pace and Sister Jones.  I just love them both – they have such good hearts and desires to serve the Lord.  The Elders in our District are so fun to be around!   They are so funny, and granted they get off topic here and there, but they are dilligent in studying too.

My District and I love our teacher Sister Watkins!  She is SO happy and encouraging as well as helpful.  She only speaks to us in Tagolog, exept on rare occasions, but she uses her hands and encourages us to ask questions or say something if we don’t understand.  I admit, on my second day, it was a little overwhelming.  I felt like crying, but I prayed and the Lord helped me feel peace.  I’m coming to learn to trust in the Lord and my ability to learn the Tagolog language as I learn it in HIS way.  =)  I know that I needed to go to a forigen speaking mission, because there are things that I am learning from this that are allowing me to grow!  The Lord is polishing each of us through it.  My Zone is made up of 6 districts.  There are two tagolog speaking zones here at the MTC.  Each zone has a branch presidency that is kind of like, in what he does, a Mission President for us while at the MTC.  They are wonderful!  Our Zone is one of the very biggest here at the MTC.  And it is SO much fun to be around others who are speaking tagolog.  The sisters in our Zone are SO kind and fun and loving.  I love all of them.  (There are 15 of us sisters in my zone!)  We are encouraged to SYL (Speak Your Language 24/7 in all the words you know, and use english for the ones you don’t).  It has been quite fun and I thouroughly enjoy it!

Each week, we have a fireside sunday night and a devotional on tuesday night.  We also have Sacrament meeting and Relief Society (or Priesthood for the Elders) each Sunday.  This sunday in Relief Society, we got to hear the testimony & conversion story of a sister from Manila, Philippines (which was incredible to here) as well as from Sister Linda Burton who came can shared some things with us!  It was incredible – there was such a spirit there as we sang and listened!  I think that Relief Society here is one of my favorite things!!  And this past Sunday’s Fireside - the Administrative director for the MTC/missionaries spoke to us: it was VERY good!  He spoke about our purpose as missionaries and how it ties into all we do.  He used the analogy of a ‘bird’s eye view’ and a ‘worm’s eye view’ to show the differences.  It has already made a difference in how me and my mga kasama (companions) are learning and teaching the gospel (as well as tagolog).

I am learning SO much already.  On my second day, one of our teachers shared with us D&C 43:15-16 (I think it was this) where we are not sent to be taught, but to teach.  We are to be taught from on high.  It’s neat: we were encouraged to have all our teaching be from the Lord, and our teachers here are just facilitators or helpers in this process.  Ah! – there is SO much I wish I could tell you, but I am doing VERY mabuti (good/well) – both mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Since my first few days, the Lord has been healing and strengthening me from the inside out in all these areas.  God does take care of his servants as they look to him (D&C 6:36).

Well, time is almost up, so I’ll write later, but just as a sidenote – if you send me your reply through DearElder, I can get it anytime of the week (cause I only have 30 min on the computer).

I wish you all the best this week and I love you tons!

Thanks for all your help in getting me here!

Love tons!

Sister (Kimber) Hayden =D

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