Future is bright – because the way is before us!

Sa aking minamahal na pamilia:

I’d like to tell you what’s been happening to me – exactly like the talk in General Conference Sunday Afternoon Session about faith!  A serious trial of my faith.  I know that Satan is still trying to get me down, because I struggled – and ‘because I struggled I am bad.”
But through the Lord (as I sought His help in prayer) I know better!  Our CHOICES are the things that determine who we really are.  And I know and felt that the Lord is pleased with me.
I kept trying and cried out for help, and he granted it – even greater faith and personal refinement to become more like Him – through the Spirit and encouraging words of angels like yourselves.
If I know one thing, it is that pride and sin will keep us struggling and from finding the peace and healing of the Atonement.  The more we give up pride and sin, the more we’ll have the power of the Atonement in our lives and the more we’ll find life in greater and greater abundance!
YES!  The future IS as bright with grand possibilities, because God IS with us, teaching us, and my faith is burning brightly because of the Lord’s power through the Atonement, and the faith and prayers of you all, and mine also.  Without the exercise of our faith, God cannot bring the miracles into our lives that He so deeply wants to!  AS we submit to His will without holding anything back, He will help us become like Him and find a fulness of Joy!  And this is ALL possible becaues of the Atonement as we begin to DESIRE and act upon that desire.
Here are some miracles that happened this week:
I desired to find someone prepared to hear the Restoration, so I said a silent prayer and talked to a lady, but she wasn’t interested.  Though after that I felt the spirit because I had acted and tried and we ran into someone 5-10 minutes later who was very open to hear.  A man named Lito is accepting the gospel and I fasted for him to accept the baptismal date.  I was inspired during my language study with some things to share and did when we extended it, so he said he wasn’t ready, but after sharing my testimony and the spirit just flowed, he said he would sincerely pray about it.  Dolores is a old woman we met and we visited her and her spirit was lifted by the news of the Plan of Salvation.  She is so frail now that she can’t move much from her bed.  There was such a sweet spirit in that room and as we left after that visit and I really feel like we’re supposed to teach her family because of her great faith.
On Sunday during sunday school, I felt my heart pounding and the spirit there and I opened my mouth and bore testimony of the good example of a brother who was sharing scriptures to answer questions and our need to read this book of mormon, and if we will that is how every saint CAN learn all that the Prophet Joseph learned as fast as they are able to receive the knowledge of God.  It felt like the roar of a Lion, and I know that our Savior was speaking through me that day.  Also Roul V.  We taught him and he has a big family.  The news of the gospel could help his family and the opportunity to be with them forever and even what the Restoration means for us here on earth filled his soul with joy and hope!
God is working through my life and His Spirit to bring about His mighty purposes.  But FAITH comes 1st.
Remember that no matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, you are NOT “bad” – that is Satan’s lie.  You CAN be FULLY healed and empowered through the Atonement of Christ if you will but come unto Him and enter into His rest.  But one cannot do so if still hanging onto sin. (3 Ne. 27:19 and 1 Ne. 20:21-22; 21:10-11).
His yoke IS lighter (Matt 11:27-30), because there is no dissonance of sin/worry inside us, only the Spirit – even faith, hope, and charity – and all our afflictions WILL be eventually swallowed up in the Joy of Christ as we hold on with these 3 things; because God will lift us up with peace and healing in his wings.
Truly the Key to an enduring faith, especially in times of trial, is HUMILTY (Alma:62:24; Matt 26:42).
So THANK YOU all!  I am SOO GRATEFUL for you.  Thank you for the voice recorder with the songs/talks on it – I use it every day!  I listen to General Conference talks when I exercise and music at other times and it has been a great strength to me.  Dustin, thanks for sharing that experience last week – I shared it with Tony D. a 72 year old less active member and we both knew that he was the one who needed to hear it!  Thank you mom and dad for the letters you gave me when I left washington – you were more inspired and right on than you know!  Thank you everyone else for the letters – the ones at Christmas and thanksgiving.  I got the ones from Seminary and they were a strength as well – I needed that reminder.  =)  I’ll be sending a reply, but it should come in the end of march sometime.
THIS WORK IS TRUE.  This really is to bless our lives and all we need to do (just as Lehi expressed at least 8 times in 2 Ne. 1) is to keep the commandments – just simply live the gospel: no more no less.  IT IS, really is that simple.  God has promised ALL the power and help that we need on the way.  I know it is true – I experienced it!  And truly, those cheering us on are VITAL to each of us in this mortal journey.  As members of this church, we were meant to be a Team and lift and bless each other.
Keep going in faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement to act and follow the Lord, which leads to repentance, which leads to the power that will come from our covenants as we keep them (especially the covenant we made to obey the Lord at baptism), which leads to the spirit with us, and that leads to enduring well in faith, hope, and charity.
May God keep you in His hands, or rather may we all stay there and not leave – because that’s where we started.
You are in my prayers!  God will help you and teach you as he has me.
The future IS as bright as our faith.  The past is taken care of by repentance, and the Holy Ghost will guide us for today.  So we have nothing to fear!  God IS at the helm and will overrule for the good of this work. He WILL shower down blessings upon those who walk in obedience to His commandments.  And unitedly, hand in hand, we shall move forward as servants of the Living God.
Love you more than words can express.  I love you now more than ever.  Keep going – heaven wouldn’t be the same without you.  I have faith that He will guide you to make the changes in your life so that you can have greater faith and thus many miracles in your lives that he wants to grant and has promised to me to grant to you.  It begins with exact obedience and commitment to obey no matter the cost.  Really that’s nothing to fear!  Our perfect God will either grant our dear requests or grant us something better.  We’ve just got to trust Him enough to Obey.  I know that the Spirit will guide you to make the tiny changes in your life, as he has these past couple months in mine, that will make ALL the difference in your ability to have the windows of heaven open like you’ve never before experienced!
Your Sister (and daughter) and friend who loves you,
Sister Hayden

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