All is well in Christ (2 Ne. 31:20)

Kumusta aking minimahal na Pamilya!!

Thanks Dad & Mom!  Mark – THAT’S AWESOME!  Miles – ha ha, I remember that & it took me quite a time to figure out parallel parking.  Samuel – yeah, fun!!  Daniel – way to read!  Amy (& Dustin & Mylie) – Thank you for your optimism!  And thank you Grandma and Julie for your letters/insight!
Thank you very much – I love you all dearly!  The work is hastening SO very much.  I have really struggled these past 3 months, but I’m grateful for it.  I have learned lessons that I couldn’t have learned any other way.  I appreciate your love and prayers dearly!  The other day I had a neat experience.  I felt like I really needed to work on Patience last week, so I did.  On Sunday – after church – I just wanted to get to home and get to work, really fulfill my purpose.  My companion left to head home, so she wanted to take pictures with some members and after that we were waiting for someone to drop by the church to drop of something to her.  I was patient, but starting to get a bit frustrated… so I took a breath and sat down, opened my scriptures and looked up Humility in the Topical Guide and looked up scriptures that interested me, to find help/motivation to be humble/patient.  At first in 2 Ne. 9:14 and as I looked at the verse before, it really hit me – that if we are humble we WILL face afflictions (4 Ne. 1:29).  I kept looking up verses and I read Mosiah 3:19, and it really pierced my heart, “willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon them…”  I immediately felt to yield and just cried in my heart to the Lord how I was feeling – what was happening and my sorrow, I just wanted/had great desire to fulfill my purpose as a missionary… – and I felt the Lord’s love comforting me as I cried inside.  I learned that it is better to feel sorrow and look up than to get frustrated and thus look down.
Later that day when working with members (on splits/exchange) one of them commented to me that he saw one of our investigators, who had agreed to be baptized, but who didn’t want to hear anymore.  We had been late last time, and my heart just sank.  I just wanted to cry, but the members I was working with were cheerful and helped to buoy me up along with Heavenly Father.
I have been buffeted and that night I felt so weak, but so calm inside because Heavenly Father was with me, and was my strength.  Like Paul – when I am weak, I am strong.   And Mom, I really appreciate D&C 35:13-17 that you shared.  And Erin, and Amy, and Julie!  I was thinking, I suppose if I’m going to know better how to help others, I’ve just got to go through some rough experiences myself – so now I am grateful.  A bit tired, but grateful; and the more I turn to the Lord, the more peace I feel.  Things will work out.  This week I am focusing on Humility!  I know that coming to Christ and prayer of faith are crucial! (see Ether 12:27)!  I needed those reminders that you all sent – thank you!  Satan still tries to “stop the messenger” as Amy/Dustin shared with me!  I’m growing and thus in Christ ALL is well as I continue to endure. (D&C 123:last verse)
How many people there really speak English?
many actually.  Most understand and many can speak it.  They really enunciate things here.  If one doesn’t enunciate, they don’t understand, so their English is more sharp, but it’s good practice for me to enunciate!  Ha ha!  I have struggled to use just Tagalog, but it’s better when I do.  Last night the wife of the Bishop in Pasay 1st ward and Bishop Riefarial encouraged me to start a conversation with them in Tagalog and they kept track if I used any English, so NO English and the Language is coming along better.  (Especially in my apartment)
Have you received any letters from home?
YEP!  Mom, the enzyme letters worked well! ha ha – genius!  And I got them safe/sound!  I also got dear Elders and letters from a few others also, and I am grateful for everyone, the timing was perfect!   =D
What kind of stuff do you pass through your window?
borrowing the Elder’s mop, BoM’s etc!
Well, next week!!
Love always,
Sister Hayden

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