God’s Power is Real

Kumusta ang magaling na pamilya ko!!

I am doing very well!!  More and more I’m learning how to do things the Lord’s way and I’m finding greater Joy in the journey and satisfaction in the work!  We moved into a new apartment that’s a little bigger and MUCH cleaner!!  We moved last Monday and finished things up last Tuesday! It was eventful…ha ha!  Good thing we only moved down one floor and the four elders who lived right above us helped a lot!

The temperature isn’t nearly so hot as it was, but I still sure sweat and sweat!  ;)  It’s wonderful when it rains at night!  My companion, Sister Pascual, taught us how to make Adobo and Pansit last week, and so this week (between the three of us Americans), we’re teaching her how to make hamburgers and crepes!  So each week we’re switching off and on from Filipino food and American food… (2 new foods/things each week).  It’s been really fun so far, and cooking adobo and pansit wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought!  Thanks for the idea to seek to learn from my companion!  It’s helping me love the culture more, be more unified with my companion, have more fun in the journey, giving Sister Pascual an opportunity to serve (and she then asked to learn how to cook some American foods), and I love it!

More and more I’m really coming to love the people here.  Like last night we visited a man named Lindon and his wife is Zeny.  He was so sincere and had read in the Book of Mormon and had searched in the Bible to know more about authority and how to know better if Joseph Smith had authority.  We sought the Lord’s help and testified and when we shared 2 Ne. 31:5-6 about “to fulfill all righteousness” (to show how the Book of Mormon explains various things from the Bible, he said, “Yeah, that’s true!”  He also asked why none of the Book of Mormon characters or Joseph Smith are in the bible…  and shared about how Melchizedek had the priesthood.  We bore our testimonies of the restoration, and amazement showed on his face as we testified that we have a living prophet on the earth today and he asked what the Prophet’s name was.  We testified to him several times of the importance of finding out the truth from God for himself.  He is really looking for the truth.  And we invited him to come to church (his wife can’t because of work), and he paused but his wife encouraged him to attend.  It was really neat!

So last night till today I knew that the Book of Mormon was evidence of the restoration and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, but I didn’t exactly understand enough to explain or really feel like I understood how the Book of Mormon is evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  So I made this my topic of study today.  I studied about the commandment of Scripture study, and then the second to last principle in lesson 1, then I read the account in JSH (as is referenced in lesson 1).  It started getting my mind thinking, and I knew what I needed to do.  I picked up the Book of Mormon with awe and opened the pages and began to read as if this was something new to me and how I’d feel and what I’d think.  I kept reading till the middle of the testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. As I read I tried to imagine myself, what it would feel like if I was in Joseph Smith’s shoes.  I treated this reading as something new and amazing and a strong desire to know more, to understand better.  I really felt the spirit fill me and warm my bosom as I read.  And I felt spiritually filled and excited!  After I finished, I realized that my wonderings had been met.  I felt just as I did reading an exciting novel along with God’s love warming my heart.  I KNOW that ANYONE who reads The Book of Mormon with a sincere heart, real intent, and faith enough will receive an answer of it’s truthfulness from God!  For some people it takes more times or readings to build up to enough faith, sincerity, and real intent, but the moment it comes – that we really seek in that way, that is the moment that God’s witness will come!  I’ve committed to read The Book of Mormon like that DAILY, even if only 5-10 minutes in my personal study – it is SOO fulfilling and my testimony grew so much today.

And the irony of it all is that as I sincerely read the Book of Mormon in that way, my sincere, internal question about how the Book of Mormon was evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God faded away, and I just knew it was all true!  THAT’s the POWER of The Book of Mormon!!

Also, yesterday, we visited the Bayting family: I was here when we first started visiting Brother Bayting and then him and his kids, and then his wife too.  Sister Bayting hasn’t come to church the last few weeks and so we really began to be concerned (they’ve been inactive for quite a long time), but as we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ in clear simplicity, she and Brother Bayting understood their need to follow God’s commandments completely – not that we’ll be perfect, but we’re striving for it and with repentance and faith, God will help us through the Holy Ghost as we renew our covenant with God weekly and keep trying!  She understood and they’re committed to obey God again.  We gave them Alma 34 to read.  It’s exciting, and amazing how DOCTRINE, true doctrine understood changes behavior faster than anything.  And doctrine won’t be understood unless it’s taught simply, powerfully by the Spirit, and according to the needs of those we teach/help.

Another family was similar – Lagumbay, but as we taught the doctrine, they understood and committed to stay active in the Gospel and the church.  Sister asked what happens if we die and we haven’t fully repented, can we do so in this life?  We read Alma 34:32 (I think) about the day of this life.  And she understood and the spirit testified to her of the seriousness of how we  use our time here in this life!

It’s SOO neat as people ask questions, and as we do – and the answers are found in God’s word and by His spirit!

Another family we visited earlier this week (the family of the Ward Mission Leader) – the Antonio family.  They are all ver active in the Gospel and committed to the truth and building up the kingdom of God!  We watched “Choose Ye This Day” Mormon Message with them, and how that applies to ALL we do!  Especially missionary work – as a member or as a missionary.  And I learned by the Spirit that as a member the two GREATST ways we can share the Gospel is to be a good example - live fully and boldly what we know to be right and “do not be ashamed of that” (Pres. Uctdorf – YW 2013 GC broadcast!! – SOO good!!!) - and INVITE: it doesn’t have to be hard and complicated.  It can be as small as checking outmormon.org, coming to church, joining a family home evening, etc.  And the Lord’s promise through prophets in PMG is true to finding people who are ready (and even searching for the gospel, but not sure where to find it!) – “God will either lead you to them or them to you” (PMG, first page in chapter 9)!!

Anyway, it’s an exciting time!  I’m really beginning to understand how to do it the Lord’s way!!  (Romans 3:3-5) and when we do it God’s way IT’S EASY (Matt. 11:28-30) and when we don’t it’s HARD!!!  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t and others learn it sooner!  We just need to completely obey God, and things ALWAYS work our for our good and happiness!!

I’ve really felt this this week – I now see missionary work as something FUN, instead of something hard as I felt before.  It’s easy and fun and the Lord’s power and joy is in it!  And I just need to keep following and seeking the Lord and heeding his spirit on how to use my time better in order to fully obey, and to call down the powers of heaven!

Well, I sure love you all and appreciate your emails lots!!

Mahal lagi!!

Sister Hayden =)

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