Let the Holy Spirit Guide…


Mahal na mahal ko po kayo, aking pamilya!
So, it happened, I’m offically now in my second area… ;)  Sister Pascaul and I got moved from Pasay 1st Ward (side B) to Pasay 3rd ward.  (we found out on Thursday afternoon, and officially start our first day today, but have visited on Saturday and went to church over there on Sunday.)  We are currently serving in a section of Makati City.  Eventually the vision is that there will be two Sisters and two Elders in every ward here.  So Sister Richardson and Sister Grant will be continuing both Pasay A and Pasay B until August when two Elders will join Pasay 1st ward and have 4 missionaries again.  Sister Pascual and I along with Elders Bustamante and Kunzler are now all in Pasay 3rd ward.
Sister Pascaul and I were sad and teared up to leave Pasay 1, but we are SOO grateful for the time that we had there, and we finished the last few things so that the Area Book is fully organized/up-to-date for the next missionaries.  =)  As we walked down M. Dela Cruzon Saturday night (our last officially teaching appointment that night), I felt a great peace that we had left the area better than we found it!  And I had done/learned what God had wanted done/learned there.
Sister Pascual and I are still mga kabahay kina Sister Richardson and Sister Grant.  So we’re glad about that.  In our new area, people are more educated, in general, and most all people know a bit of English.  So we’ll be working on Sister Pascual’s English in more finding situations when practicing.  And same with my tagalog!  =)  I’ve been here in Pasay stake (Same apt) for 6 months now (I’m on my 5th transfer here), so there’s a good possibility that I’ll be transfered in the beginning of July…we’ll see…
Anyway, our last appointment in Pasay 1 was Saturday night.  We taught a man named Lindon.  We couldn’t teach him yet, because his wife wasn’t there, but she came and we were able to teach him.  We’re very grateful that his wife showed up, so that we were able to teach him.  He seemed a bit unsure about other missionaries because we had really had a solid relationship of trust with his family!  We shared the Plan of Salvation with him.  As we were teaching, Sister Pascual discerned that he wasn’t understanding and about his BoM reading/praying about things.  He hadn’t done that yet…  Also, I recieved the inspiration that he had a drinking alcohol problem.  We asked and he did drink, but in moderation he said.  We introduced the Word of Wisdom to him and his wife and invited the to live it.  He didn’t think it was such a problem, and expressed how anything in excess is bad, but if it’s in moderation, it’s okay ‘right?!’.  (I could’ve answered his question about it, but I remember Brother Bott’s wise comment that he would always answer the question we ‘should have asked’ instead of the question we asked; and Sister Pascual and I had talked about this in our companion study.)  So (we had testified how the purpose of the Word of Wisdom, or a blessing, was to help us feel the Holy Ghost stronger in our lives and thus understand the truth, and so), in response, I asked him, “Do you want to have/feel God’s influence stronger in your life?”  To which he quickly responded, ‘Yes, but-’ and paused so then I testified how I knew that the word of wisdom would help him do this, but he would know of it’s truth only if he tried living it.
Sister Pasucal did such a similar testimony with reading the Book of Mormon and we committed both Lindon and his wife Zeny to read!  I KNOW that the Holy Ghost led us along to know what to say and what his needs were!  THAT is the Spirit of Revelation (Just like in Elder Holland’s devo talk – “Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence”!!!)  It is the neatest feeling to have the Holy Ghost work through you to discern/know and testify by the Spirit as these people need it!  Those are the powerful lessons!  And Sister Pascual and I know that we are experiencing such blessings of the spirit because we are making Obedience to God’s commandments a quest, and thus God is endowing us with power!
Our new ward is good!  We’re excited, the people there have good hearts!  We know that there is much work to be done to get our new area more established and to build the system of working with the members, to get the area/areabook oraganized… It’ll be good, because God is helping us.  One member (the one in the picture) said ‘You’re probably moving to that area for a reason – No, I KNOW the Lord is moving you to that area for a reason’ and that we are needed there.  We’re praying and doing all we can to stay in God’s hands and do missionary work His way.  And he has given us great power in the moments as it is needed!
Thank you SOOO much for your prayers!  I have been sleeping so well each night.  I often wake up in the morning tired still, but I pray for strength for the day and God grants it!  Prayers are real, so are angels!  Earlier today I was struggling a bit and my companion and mga kabahay listened and shared their testimonies with me and I felt the Lord’s peace!  They really spoke by the Spirit and listened so intently and kindly!  I love those 3 Sisters very very much!  I know that we NEED each other!  This work of building God’s kingdom – no matter where we are – is a TEAM effort! (Teams of mag-asawa, families, wards, stakes, etc…)
Sister Richardson shared a neat insight with me: 3 Ne. 13:34, and then how filipinos are so happy because often they’re worried about the food the next day as opposed to how to pay their kid’s ’7 years of schooling’.  It’s just as Pres Monson said in the YW General Conference 2012, “Life by the Inch is a Sinch; but by the yard, it’s hard.”  I know that is true!  Sister Grant said that one time her family met Elder Bednar and her and her mom asked him how he does it all, and his response was essentially ‘You can’t balance it all.  Stop trying’ if your week was crazy and you missed cub scouts, you’re week was crazy and you missed cub scouts.  Part of her testimony to me was, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to count.”  Also Sister Richardson shared a thought with me (in context of my journal writing, and desires) “The Spirit will carry the details of what you write.” and so I needn’t worry if I got it ‘all in’ as long as I was doing my best to follow the Lord’s instruction to me!
And THAT’s why prioritizing is so important – or the things that matter most will become at mercy to the things that matter least!  I know that the Lord opens doors and provides ways as we do our best, and take times to ‘be still”, to rest, as we need it (Mosiah 4:27), there is a time and a season to everything.  And I love how my friend Sister Montgomery put it, that if we can run, the Lord expects us to run, but if all we can do is walk, at least we need to be moving forward walking, and even sometimes we need to sit down to recover so that we can keep moving if we’re too weak to even walk.  I know that God will guide us by His Spirit to learn to prioritize and do what matters most as we committ to obey him at all costs and ‘take heart’ as Jesus said!  I know that God expects us to ‘fill our own well too’ so taht we can keep sharing with others in the future.  ‘It’s hard to give when our own well is empty.”
Anyway, I love you all DEARLY!   And I’m sure learning a LOT on this misison!  And I’m so grateful for it!  My faith, hope, and charity is growing in Christ!
Keep the Faith!
Mahal na mahal,
Sister Hayden  =)


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