Happy Father’s Day

Wow, maraming salamat para sa inyong mga sulat sa akin!!  I am so grateful for every one of them!  They really uplift my day and make me want to be better!

It’s great to hear about your move, Amy & Dustin and about Mylie!!  And your successes, Daniel and Mark, And to hear about scout camp and delivering phone books!  Good to hear from you Samuel!! I’m glad that you are all finding ways to work hard as well as have fun, and most importantly keep living and sharing the gospel (#1, through your examples, and also through your testimonies and kindness to others, and more)!!  Thanks for sharing that experience about temple sealings, Dustin!

It’s so good to hear about my awesome family!  Mark and Larisa, and Lizzy and Myk – I am SOO excited for you, you have no idea!  Keep it up – and don’t ever forget, that before something good (like the first vision) there is always Satanic opposition, but Satan has NO power when we remember who we really are and who God is!  One talk that has helped me a few times on my mission is Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence by Elder Holland.  (If anyone feels like they’re struggling – you should read it!)

I know that I’ve struggled in the past with time management, but I’m getting better at it – I know that the Lord is helping me!  Also, I’m growing to become more humble and loving to everyone, including myself!  I’m so grateful for something that my friend Sister Richardson commented to me (that her mom or someone said to her) that “God gives us time to grow into our callings” but I know that as we seek it, that God will qualify us and season us/empower us for the task at hand through his Holy Ghost.  (D&C 1:23)  Even: “The Lord does not ask about our ability or inability, But only about our availability, And if we prove our dependability, The Lord will take care of our capability.” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell)  I KNOW that this is SOO true!

Um…in preparing for a mission: #1 it’s normal to feel somewhat apprehensive or feeling that ‘we don’t know enough’, and that’s from Satan!  God chooses us to serve him in our weakness because (just like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Willy Wonka wanted a child to take the factory over for him, because only a child would continue the factory Willy Wonka’s way instead of his or her own way.  I’ve often thought about that and how Heavenly Father works with and calls us – Mosiah 3:19!)
I don’t have any regrets about preparing for my mission…It was VERY helpful to begin studying preach my gospel before I left on my mission, and I love this book more and more – it is just PACKED with simple truths and pure doctrine (3 Ne. 11:the last 3 verses)!  It’s well worth the read of every member of the church!  Don’t ever stop your habit of daily scripture study and prayers!
It was helpful to study some language before (but don’t fret about it!) – I know that the Lord has blessed me immensely with learning a foreign language (something I used to think I could never do), and I know that He is blessing me for my efforts.
Um…SERVE others – that’s probably the biggest thing I’d say that was VERY helpful!  Start praying for missionary opportunities: to be a good example, share your testimony, and even invite others to learn more!  God grants our pleas when we commit to act!  That has been a great strength to me on this mission and knowing better how to help the members, and others!
It was also helpful to get into a daily habit of exercise or going to bed early and getting up early, so that when I went into the MTC, there was less to adjust to.

So, about here: I am now in Pasay 3rd ward – Pasay 3B is our area!  I LOVE It!  I’m learning lots here.  There are a handful of people that I’ve met that are such good examples and I am learning SOO much through their good examples!  My companion and I have had a lot of help from the members, especially the ward mission leader and his wife – Brother and Sister Driz – and other members, to meet less active members, recent converts, and find people to teach.

To be honest, earlier in my mission, I struggled with some things, but they are fading away, the more I am humble and loving towards others!
If one was to look at the outward ‘successes’ of my mission thus far, one would say I haven’t been very successful as a missionary…but I’m glad that’s not how God’s standard of success is (PMG, p10)!  And every one of those things on that page has happened!  I know that God not only cares about the growth of the people we serve, but our growth as well!  And for that I am SOO grateful!

I’m excited for what’s to come in my mission…! =D

This past Saturday night, my companion and I had two lessons, and then we were going to drop into the ward activity.  Our next lesson was with the Montana family: they had been taught before, but listened intently.  We were able to bear our testimony and fill in the details of their understanding.  there was such a great spirit at that lesson!  The next one was to a less active – we went to her and learned that she had been less active for months and wanted to learn more about repentance – because we had asked questions to understand ( How to begin teaching) we were able to help her learn more about repentance and she committed to come to church last Sunday and to talk with Bishop Sere.  She DID, and the look on her face when she slipped into Gospel Principles’ class was priceless and made my hear leap for joy!  We weren’t able to go to the ward activity, but it was worth it to stay in our area and teach those lessons!

Another two lessons: one, Sister Pascual suggested looking though the former investigators to find new investigators.  We did so, and went to find them.  We met Ann Marie, and learned that she was a member since her childhood!!!
The last lesson to share – was to a recent convert member, Maia.  Her father (less active) joined for the lesson (reviewing the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) and we asked about his using the priesthood to bless his family.  He shared with us that he had met with Bishop and needed to follow the commandments in order to use the priesthood and receive the higher.  We learned that he was struggling with finding work to feed his family.  We were blessed to be able to share D&C 130:20-21 and expressed that the blessings he needed from God he would receive, he just needed to learn which law was attached to those blessings and then follow that law…we then read in Mosiah 13 about the Sabbath day, and in 3 Ne.13:30-34.  As he read that, he expressed YES, that was exactly his questions (verse 30)!  And then we shared with him about tithing in 3 Nephi.  He understood by the spirit, and the spirit was really there guiding and testifying to all of us!  He committed to live these laws in order to bless his family – he is back on track to receiving ALL of God’s blessings for his family – after the trial of his faith…but as we obey, God HAS to bless us – D&C 82:10 (which we also shared with him)!!!

I KNOW that this work is TRUE and is OF GOD!  THIS IS HIS WORK, and I am SO blessed to help in this work of the Salvation and happiness of my eternal brothers and Sisters!!!
Mahal na mahal ko kayo pakailanman!!!
Sister Hayden


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