The Best Work on Earth

To my beloved family, Sa aking minamahal na pamilya,


It’s AMAZING, isn’t it!  Miracles are FLOODING the earth! I just get more and MORE excited!!!  I LOVE this work!  We had some amazing things happen this week:
(1) The DeGuzman family:  They are AMAZING: a father and mother, 4 sons  (14,10,8,6 yrs old), and a grandfather. We met the grandmother (who has now moved to stay with another of her children) last december just before new years!  And bit by bit, we got to meet the mother, the grandfather, then the father and their children.  They are all faithfully going to church and reading the Book of Mormon, even the children!  The grandfather is on his 3rd time reading The Book of Mormon!  This family is amazing!  The mom stopped her very time-consuming job to spend more time with her family, and we noticed how the happiness of her and all her children, even the whole family grew as she was at home taking care of her family.  This meant that the father, si Brother, was spending more time working to support his family.  He works a job at a store, and then he drives a motercycle as another job to support his family.  He has been SO tired, but we pray for him, and he is SO dedicated to help his family and even though he doesn’t understand everything all right away, he is SO sincere to follow the Lord, keep trying and do what God would have him do.  He desires another job so that he doesn’t have to work on Sunday, but with a letter from Bishop, he was able to get sundays off.  The grandfather had a stroke and can walk slowly, but he still comes for church. The mom found some collared shirts at an ‘Ukay Ukay’ (a second-hand store) for all her children.  They are SO AMAZING and Sister Casin and I love them SO much!  I just wish you could all meet them!  Sister Casin and I have been going to teach them in the mornings, (even though I’d rather not teach in the mornings if it wasn’t needed) because that is their only avaliable time…
But it has been worth EVERY sacrifice, no matter how small!  I hope someday I can come back to visit them…but praise the Lord for technology!
They came to church and their son recieved a blessing from the Elders’ Quorm President and another Elder in the ward.  Their faith was so strong: that son (10 yrs) had a fever for a few days, but last night his fever lessened and I know that that sickness was to help strengthen their faith in the power of the priesthood!
(2) Sister Zoey is another AMAZING member!  She is from Tiwan and is studying here in the Philippines.  She doesn’t understand tagalog, but she still worked with us!  She has been called as a ward missionary.  She bears her testimony in each lesson and is is SO powerful!  The investigators are really touched by her testimony in english, even if they might not understand every word, the spirit carries her message into their hearts!  Zoey had us and many YSAs and Bro. and Sis. Dayritt (another amazing member family) and the DeGuzman family over for an fhe at her apartment!  We all sat on the floor in a circle!  It was SUCH a good activity to help the DeGuzman family, especially Brother DeGuzman, as well as Sister Precy and Sister Princess (the two syblings who got baptized a couple weeks ago) to get to know the other members!  Zoe is SUCH a good example.  One thing that I’m learning on my mission is the POWER of simple activities, like fhe to strengthen members, families, and investigators.  I don’t think many of us are taking full advantage of this God given/inspired activity: fhe!  All of our investigators have been GREATLY strengthened and their testimony deepened and friendship with members grown after fhes with members, especially in members’ homes.  It’s especially great when the members come to us and offer (but we usually ask them)..  Just an idea, to get involved in missionary work!  Feel free to ask the Elders/Sisters in your ward who they could bring with them to a fhe or something!…   Family Activities are POWERFUL and teach others by example the Lord’s plan for families as we all spend time together!
well…I just LOVE families!
(3) We had another AMAZING experience!  We had a “Bishop’s Night” for our investigators to meet the Bishop.  4 members joined, Bishop Reyes, us 6 missionaries, and Bro. and Sis. Dumanig from our area came!  We were SO excited to see them there.  We were all hoping that others would also come, but they didn’t.  Us Missionaries taught lesson 2 together, then Bishop shared about the temple and its importance, and a member bore her testimony of how she felt at her sealing in the temple.  It was POWERFUL, and I realized what Sister Bermiso shared is true:  “somedays we walk all day and proselyte for just one person.”  And I think that activity was for that family!
(4) The Elders in our Ward found a new apartment for us Sisters because the apartment we 4 are now in is REALLY OLD (the mission has rented it for 10years daw).  So that was a tender mercy and miracle!
…WOW,…  I wish I could just go on and on and on!
But time runs out… reflecting on my mission, I will ETERNALLY BE GRATEFUL for all the good influences in my life, my decision to serve a full-time mission, and all the people who helped me get here, and my leaders and members and companions here who help me learn and grow and as we work together to do the Lord’s work!  I can never forget this experience!  My faith in Jesus Christ has grown SO much.  I KNOW that this work is true.  I will hymn #270 (english)!  I KNOW that JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR AND REDEEMER.  I know that WE HAVE a Father of our spirits in Heaven who LOVES US DEARLY.  I know that we are SO blessed in our day that we have a living prophet who leads and guides us, and if we heed his word, and all the words of the holy prophets, we WILL NOT go astray and we CAN be together forever as families!  I know that, as Sister Casin testified kanina (earlier today), “The Book of Mormon is our spiritual shield.” And as she further explained, if we read it DAILY, no matter one verse or pages, we are granted a spiritual protection against Satan and temptation.  We have seen it in Investigators, New Members (recent converts), and Returning Members (who used to be less active)!  I KNOW that this work is one of GREAT JOY!  When I go home, I desire to be a missionary.  YES – the prophet said that we all get to be missionaries (part of our Baptisimal Covenant – see Mosiah 18:8-10).  And I just desire to be a Visiting Teacher!  I hope that I get to be one to a less-active sister, because there is SUCH JOY in helping others learn of our Father and Savior, feel their love, and see the influence of the gospel in their lives!
YES: D&C 18:10, 15-16 is TRUE!!  I understood it in a small degree before, but how I understand it now, it is OVERWHELMINGLY AMAZING, hymn #193.  I love my Savior SO SO SO much!  I am eternally grateful for Him, and I will do anything to show it – especially loving others, and keeping ALL of His commandments to the Best of my ability, because I know if I do, someday, I can return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven as families forevermore!  There is no greater thought or gift.  And even more:  there is no greater joy than being the tool in God’s hands to help others partake of this Heavenly Gift!
I pray that, as Elder Russell M. Ballard said, “The Lord knows us. He knows we have our challenges. I realize that someof you may feel heavy laden, but I pray that none of you would ever feelthat reaching out in normal, pleasant ways to share the gospel would everbe a burden. Rather, it is a privilege! There is no greater joy in life thanbeing anxiously engaged in the service of the Lord.” (Put Your Trust in the Lord – General Conference, Oct 2013)
After all, “After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is topreach the Gospel” ” – Joseph Smith.
And the best way to share the Gospel is by example, and love, and then testimony by the spirit of God!
I love you all dearly and wish you a wonderful week as servants of the Lord helping others – family and friends and neighbors – as His children on his errand.
I know that God is with you and we are all growing SO much in His service!
Mahal na mahal ko po kayo!!!
Sister Hayden =)

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