Let the Spirit Guide

Mahal ko po kayo!!!

Thank you for all of your emails!  Life as a missionary is INCREDIBLE!!

I’m learning the great importance of doing things the Lord’s way and the power of Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching and how it really is the Lord’s way to strengthen every member – that we love and watch over one another in love and righteousness!

I’m also learning the POWER of a strong companionship and how Satan does ALL he can to destroy it, for that is where STRONG FAMILIES begin!  I’m SO grateful that I’m learning this now with my companion now.  We are both learning that simple conflicts in life are normal, and that we must just work through them.  I’m learning the importance of PRAYER and the SPIRIT to include God’s hand in our family relationships!  My companion and I started having a simple ‘companionship inventory’ daily at the end of our Daily Planning, and it is AMAZING how it helps as we talk about things that bothered us or matter to us, and as we really listen to one another and seek to understand their view of the matter, and how the Lord is really involved in this process and guides us.  I felt the Lord guiding me to know when to speak and when to just ‘stop’ and listen or wait for her to speak.  It’s amazing!  Truly eternal families are fused together by the Lord and His Gospel, especially as we live it!

Anyway, we had some neat experiences this week:

(1) Sister Precy was called as a SA leader/representative and joined in her first Ward Council meeting yesterday!  It was quite a lot of new information, but she absorbed what she could and is SO faithful.  Sister Casin and I just stood in awe at God’s plan and how He guides His children.  It was our first time to sit in a Church Ward Council Meeting with a recent convert that we taught on the council!  What a blessing!

(2) Blessing:  On Monday – last Monday, we were called by our District leader saying that they found us a new apartment (we’ve been looking over a month for one big enough for all our desks/things, 4 people, newer, and in the right price range)!  So we went and looked at it.  It turns out that the owner had been saving it ever since the Elders talked to him in January or beginning of February, but the cost of inserting screens was high, so they thought it wasn’t an option.  They wen t back and renegotiated the price, and the apartment was available!  Truly an answer to prayer and fasting.  Our old apartment was just SO old and hard to maintain…

(3) Exchanges:  We had 3 this week and then moved apartments, but the Lord strengthened all of us to continue and still have energy, health and strength pa!  On one exchange, we had no members working with us, so we kept going from place to place “OYM”ing (Open Your Mouth) all along the way – whoever we talked to.  There was one point where (no lessons yet taught), we met this lady, but she was busy, so we asked her if we could come back, but she didn’t’ seem interested, so we sat down on a step nearby where she was cooking, and from chapter 9 in PMG came into my mind, so I began to ask questions and teach the doctrine as we continued our casual, normal conversation.  She began to feel the spirit, and as our gentle and kind conversation with her continued, she expressed her real concerns.  The Lord continued to guide all 3 of us, and a member (who lives across the street walked by and we invited her to testify, she said she’d be back and went into her house), so we continued anyway.  We testified of The Book of Mormon as the evidence that all we had shared (the whole lesson 2 in a simple way) was true!  She really desired to know and committed to read and pray to know!  She was sincere in that.  I just stand amazed at how the Lord truly guides this work, and as we just testify in a normal and natural way, the Lord guides us to know what to say and we gain a new friend, and she finds the answer to all the world’s problems: the Gospel.  AND when we share out of love, it is never awkward.  I often testify to the Sisters about finding in the Lord’s way: that those who meet us and are not interested are aware of missionaries, who we are and that we are kind.

(4) Saturday night, we had a little time, and so we went to teach and prayed for the Lord to guide us, for we had many places we wished we could visit, but that we would visit who needed us most.  We visited the Mercado family, and they were busy, so we turned to leave and saw Sister Flores who was sitting outside with her daughter, and we started talking with her.  Sister Casin felt the need and asked if we could share simply.  She let us come up to her home (it goes upstairs (above the Mercado family), and we met her niece.  They are both from Tarlac.  We began asking inspired questions, and at first she wasn’t so interested in the church, and then her true concern came out, and I felt that she really missed coming to church!   And so we ran out of time (so as not to miss our curfew), and we promised to pick her up for church the next day.  We did so and those two CAME!  And they were concerned about Relief Society (if there would be contention) but we reassured them that there wasn’t and they had a wonderful experience at church!  God works in amazing ways!  AND HE KNOWS WHAT’S BEST, IF WE’LL ONLY SEEK HIM AND FOLLOW HIM!

Well, no more time – I sure love you all!!!

Sister Hayden

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