Heavenly Father Lives and Loves us

Ang aking pamilya!!!

(1) On Saturday afternoon-evening we were out and about and we hadn’t yet contacted the referral that we had received last week…so as we went to try to find them ‘one more try’ and then it would be counted as contacted, I prayed that we’d find it.  As we went and asked people around the area (as we understood where her house was), we met a father of a family and invited him to learn more and he accepted, but we didn’t find the referral (Ramil), so we we left.  As we were walking to our next appointment, I saw a girl, and she looked familiar…”Sweet!?”  I exclaimed, and she turned and looked at us.  We were able to talk to her, ask her where her referral lived (she was an investigator that we met twice, and she gave us the name of her friend Ramil to teach).  She showed us where his house was.  We taught a lesson to Ramil’s mother, and the spirit there was so strong, and she wants to learn more!
(2) There was 9 of the investigators we are teaching who attend church as well as Brother Jomel.  Then after the meeting started, Brother (LA) and Sister (I) Mercado came in!!!  Then later, so did Sister Karen, and her 4 little children (6yrs down to months old).  THE LORD’S HAND IS IN THIS WORK!
(3) A few days ago, I learned from “Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary” that President Stucki has asked us to read each month (and it’s VERY helpful and keeps us focused on what matters most!), and I learned how we have to respect agency, and as much as we love people, we could never force them to partake of the blessings of the Gospel.  Then as we had our companion study, Sister Casin shared a really powerful principles about teaching and commitments (regarding agency).  It really touched my heart, and the Lord testified that it was true, because I humbled myself and just listened, not trying to defend myself, and I realized that I had been wrong about a couple tiny things – or things I hadn’t realized.  It hurt a little inside as the ‘refiner’s fire’ took over (and the Lord also sent His love to balance it out), but I am eternally grateful for what Sister Casin shared with me!  It will help me become a more effective tool in the Lord’s hands!
(4) I was typing this letter, and then the computer froze, and I lost it all, but I had to then retype it more simply and clearly (because of short time) and it turned out better!
(5) Sister Casin prayed specifically to Heavenly Father for some male RCs, (because all the RCs in our area are Sisters – we are in the formerly unexplored area).  And the family to be baptized this Friday is 1 father, 1 grandfather, and 4 boys, and 1 mom.  Then those who could be baptized in April are 3 lalake and 1 babae!
Two things that I’m really learning on the mission are: (1) GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS and (2) I am nothing: everything GOOD THAT HAPPENS IS BECAUSE OF THE LORD!!  I’m SO grateful for that – it will bless me eternally, and help me be a better servant of the Lord for the rest of my life, and a better mother, family member, and friend!
Thank you for all you do to help me and your prayers in my behalf!  They help me SO much!!!
Mahal na mahal ko po kayo!!
your daughter, sister, friend, forever!
Sister Hayden

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