On the Wings of Eagles

Kumusta po sa inyong lahat!

I am doing well and growing more and more each day.  I think Heavenly Father is blessing me with such stretching and growing experiences like I desire, to ‘pack it all in’ before I come home!  One exciting thing that happened last week, was the De Guzman family got baptized!!!  We have been helping and teaching them for over 3 months!  We met the different family members one by one,…until we met and were teaching them all!
I stand all amazed at the power of God in response to our faith!  There are many mornings when I wake up and think, “Heavenly Father, I am SO tired…can you please give me strength to continue today?” and He DOES!  A few minutes later my fatigue is gone!  Also earlier today in the temple, I felt SO tired, that I could fall asleep right then, but I prayed and the Lord strengthened me, and the fatigue soon left me.  ALSO, the Lord’s power to help me learn Tagalog is extremely fast, as I continue to work at it.  AND, it’s amazing how the Lord speeds up our learning and capacity as we keep trying and improving.  IF I’m learning anything more and more, it is that GOD IS AT THE HELM: THIS IS HIS WORK, and He will guide it as we do our best and at the same time get out of the way so that the Spirit can take over.
Thanks again for the box!  Here are some miracles that happened:
(1) We had a “Ward Mission” day where the members split up and joined the missionaries to go visit investigators, less active members, and new members.  They even had two groups of primary children who wanted to participate who went with their primary leaders (but not with us missionaries).  The group that I was with, all our potential people to visit were busy or not there.  We saw one investigator and taught her (Sister Teresita) and it helped strengthen her commitment to learn more about the truth.  I was praying who to visit. The ‘Ariola family’ came to mind, but they were always busy…our next person was gone.  So as we walked by by the Ariola home, The mom (Investigator) and her daughter were standing at the gate.  The father (LA) and son were buying something to eat at a fishball cart.  We asked if we could share and they said yes.  If we had’ve been 1-3 minutes later, they would have left.  If we had of taught anyone other than Sister Teresita we would have missed them!  I KNOW that God’s hand was in it!
Also, Sister Casin and the members with her, walked by and were able to teach Karen Gutierrez (who has been SO busy this last month!)
(2) We couldn’t teach Brother Gil in his home (he is around 60 years old) and his wife is kind, but doesn’t understand the importance of the truth of the gospel being restored.  So we went to teach Brother at a member’s home, but she wasn’t there.  So we went to the Fransisco family, and they were home (the former Bishop of San Juan Ward and his daughter who is around 30 years old).  It was SUCH a strengthening influence for Brother Gil, and I know that God knew that he needed to meet them, and feel the spirit there. There is SUCH A STRONG, GOOD SPIRIT in the homes of righteous and faithful members (who always treasure up God’s word, obey him and his servants, and pray).  Their home reminds me of The Farm, or Grandma and Grandpa’s home!
To answer your questions from before:
What are some of your favorite things about the Philippines?
I love the focus and importance of family.  People here are SO kind!  Even if they have nothing, they share what they have!  People here are so simple:  I’m learning to really value what matters most and that is family and learning!  The food is also good!  I love the fruits and vegetables and fish here!  It hasn’t been too hot, but warmer.  I love the culture where people treat you as family and it’s not rude to ask people details about their lives – it is actually kind.
What will you really miss from there when you come home?
I think being a missionary full-time.  There is such a blessing and power from it.  SO many miracles happen that I can’t record them all, and I always run out of time when writing my emails!  I love the food, the good people here, and the joy of serving others full-time!
Heavenly Father really takes care of His missionaries.
Guess what!  Sister Casin and I will be going to Palawan next next week for 5 exchanges in a row with the Sisters (my last full week in the mission field)!
I am out of time again…
I guess I’m just grateful that the Lord can see the desires of our hearts when our capacity is lacking some!
May we all continue to look up (D&C 6:36)!!
mahal ko po kayo, magpakailanman!
Sister Hayden

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