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Sa minamahal aking pamilya,

  Thank you VERY much for all of your emails!!  Mom, thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf with school and everything!  Yes, they will fly us over to Palawan for 6 days (Monday – Saturday) and then fly us back!
I sure am learning a LOT!  =)  And I have a few more weeks of some incredibly quick growth.  I’m much more humble and better balanced in life than I used to be!  I am SO grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, and His infinite mercy to all of us – that we can always keep trying and growing, and find ‘JOY’!  I stand all amazed and eternally grateful that our Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us THAT much!!!
The Philippines is great – the Lord is truly guiding this work!  At our last MLC, the spirit was so strong and truly guided us.  I learned more about how to be a better leader and keep going forth in faith.  I was blessed to bear my testimony there, and the Lord truly led me to say what HE would have me say!  I am SO grateful for the faith and example of exact obedience of President Stucki and Sister Stucki!!
We had some more miracles this week:
(1) President Stucki is helping us to be ‘always finding’ and talking to everyone!  He has started asking us at every meeting if we have found someone to teach!  I remember Thursday morning (on our way to MLC – missionary leadership council), and praying to Heavenly Father for help, I wanted to find somebody!  I tried talking to a few people on the train, but they weren’t so interested.  I noticed two people sitting a little ways away who were looking at me with a bit of a question mark on their faces.  So just as we were to get off the train, I gave them a pamphlet and testified that that was why I was here in the Philippines (my blonde hair stands out VERY much, as well as my light skin and that I’m quite tall for the average female Filipino).  I thought that was all, but as we were walking to the mission home, I saw a older lady and man outside who were working on a yard of a home in Dasmarinas Village.  We walked by them, and it just seemed like we ought to talk to them, so I asked Sister Casin if we could turn back and talk to them.  We did so, and they are two of the most prepared souls I have ever met!
(2)  We have a monthly goal to help two LA members return to the fold!  There is one who is coming to church.  I prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help, because it seemed like those who are on our current list of LAs, aren’t so ready to return…but I just know with Heavenly Father’s help, He could open the path and provide the way for us to reach our goal!  Last Friday, Brother Gil (an amazing 67 year -old man who is a retired engineer and SO prepared of the Lord to accept the Gospel) was walking to a member’s house where we were teaching him, and a another man in his 70s, but still strong, asked Brother Gil what he was carrying.  He replied that it was a Book of Mormon and that he was going ‘home teaching’ (referring to our teaching him because last last Sunday Bishop Reyes gave a wonderful lesson about HT/VT the third hour!).  The man then asked if Bro. Gil was Mormon, and he said yes.  The man then said that he was Mormon too, and asked where the church was!  Brother Gil introduced us to him, and the man came to church the next Sunday!
I am SO grateful that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers, especially in the work of the Lord!
(3)  Last Thursday, the Sister Training Leaders in Pasay 1B, my old area, told me that there were many people they were meeting who said that an American and Filipino had given them a pamphlet or they had talked to them.  They kept thinking that Sister Andrews (who also has blonde hair) was me or Sister Richardson.  They testified how people were asking about me.  I don’t glory in myself.  I’m just grateful – eternally so.  What I thought I had ‘failed’ to a degree, in all our efforts before, the Lord opened my eyes, that Sister Pascual and I had planted MANY seeds that were now ready to be harvested!  The Lord is GOOD, and “OUR EFFORTS ARE NEVER WASTED”!
The Women’s Meeting was SO wonderful, wasn’t it!  What stood out to me the most was how simple and SO spiritually powerful the messages were!  Like the Lord said that in the last days it won’t be one ‘of many words’!
I am VERY grateful to be a full-time missionary.  A few days ago, I just cried and prayed to Heavenly Father, and explained how ‘broken’ I felt, and lacking…  He reminded me what President Stucki said that we ought read PMG, p.10 “A Successful Missionary”, and I did so and was gratefully comforted.  All the Lord wants is “all our heart, might, mind and strength”!
Thanks again for the packages – we both appreciated them VERY MUCH!
I love you all more than ever, and I believe what Dustin said with all my heart:
“More and more I am learning how many things in life are just not important. Yet we spend so much time on these things. This needs to change.”  And I’m really learning how to change and improve!
I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is really important and it matters SO much!!
Sister Hayden

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