Spirit to the Finish

Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat!

Wow,…time does fly by SO fast!  I’m grateful for President Stucki’s encouragement to ‘finish my mission STRONG’, and ‘sprint to the finish’!  I’m grateful that Sister Casin and I get to go to Palawan to serve the Sisters there, and then come back for 3 days of good work, and then I’ll have my final interview with President Stucki on Tuesday morning!
I’m truly grateful, because I just want to ‘slip out’ of things quietly – without pomp – having NOT the attention on me, but on the SAVIOR, and my faith in Him, that HE will inspire the members here and take care of all the things that I cannot. After all, this is HIS work, and we are just the tools to help it roll along!  I’m grateful for the help of my companion in this regard.  In my mind, I act as if I’ll be here one more transfer, and it helps me ‘just stay in the middle’ of it all!  To keep seeking and following the spirit and doing my best!
The last month, I’ve really felt SUCH gratitude for the opportunity to be a full-time missionary!  There is SO much more now that I treasure about God’s plan!  I know that ALL is possible with God as we trust in His power and wisdom (rather than our own) and just keep trying to do a little better line upon line.
Julie, thanks VERY much for your email, and insights about coming home!  I really appreciate it, and I’ll be sure to apply it!  =)  I’m excited to see you all too!!!, especially as ‘children of the covenant’!  What a blessed time to be alive!  More and more I just wish that EVERYONE knew about this gospel – but I’m learning to accept the Lord’s timing and way – line upon line – and be grateful for the opportunity to help, ‘even the least of these’!
We had some more miracles happen:
(1)  We have been praying to meet/find another family who is ready to come into the church!  One day Sister Casin asked if we should buy some ‘bibingka’ (a native food here) that two young girls were selling.  So we did.  We started talking to them, and invited them to learn more and they accepted the invitation.  We tried to find their house last week, but didn’t have success.  Last Saturday evening, we got back from conference, studied, and then went out to teach and serve.  As we were going to the Manuel family, one of those two girls walked by carrying some food that she had been sent to buy at the palenke and was walking home.  So we asked her if we could join her, so she could show us where her house was.  She showed us, and we met and taught their family!  They are SO prepared!  Heavenly Father truly answered our prayers!  I deeply desired to find at least ONE more family before I ended my full-time mission and onto my life as a life-long member missionary!
If there is ANYTHING I am learning more than ever is this:
WE NEED THE LORD: we are nothing without HIM, and his power and mercy and infinite grace/enabling power.  HE HEARS AND ANSWERS OUR SINCERE PRAYERS.  D&C 42:14 is SO true!  It all starts with prayers of faith!  AND GOD WILL ‘order ALL things for our good as fast as we are able to receive them!’ SO, WE NEED NOT FEAR, but go on our way rejoicing!  And this pathway is one of true discipleship!
I am out of time, so we can get things done and to the mission office, then the airport, then Palawan on time!
I love you all more dearly than ever!
Till we meet again; Alma 17:2-3, may it ever be so at EVERY time we meet up together!
Mahal na mahal ko po kayo, magpakailanman!!!
Sister Hayden

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