April 22nd, 2014 Sister Hayden returned home from her mission to the Philippines
 October 14th, 2013 Sister Himarangan taught Sister Hayden how to make Lumpia. Simple and delicious.
 October 14th, 2013 This past week Sister Hayden and her companion were able to get General Conference (they get it a week later than we do)
 October 7th, 2013 Sister Hayden says the weather is getting hotter (summer is coming for them)
 October 2nd, 2013 Sister Hayden had her birthday. She got some gifts from her companions and a member in the ward made her a delicious cake!
 September 30th, 2013 Sister Hayden has a new companion Sister Himarangan from Mindinao, Philippines. She’s is helping Sister Hayden with her Tagalog and also teaching her some Bisaya (her dialect).
 August 31st, 2013 Agnes, a wonderful 67 year old woman was baptized.
 August 28th, 2013 This past week Bro. Dumenden was baptized!
 July 31st, 2013 Sister Hayden had companion exchanges with an MTC batch.
 July 27th, 2013 When they were able to leave the apartment they found three new investigators!
 July 20-27th, 2013 Sister Hayden’s companion caught Denge Fever so they were stuck in their apartment. It was difficult to be cooped up but Sister Hayden was able to serve her companion and read part of the book Our Heritage.
 July 17th, 2013 Sister Hayden’s companion Sister Wemhoner hurt her foot but it is doing much better now
 July 17th, 2013 Sister Hayden and her companion had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders where she was able to learn a lot.
 July 10th, 2013 Sister Hayden and Sister Wemhoner had the opportunity to go to the temple!
 July 10th, 2013 Sister Hayden’s new companion is Sister Wemhoner from Colorado. (whom she is training)
 July 1st, 2013 Sister Hayden is moving to a new area again where she will be training. This time they are moving to a new apartment (it is much smaller, but also much newer).
 June 17th, 2013 Sister Hayden is now in Pasay 3rd ward – Pasay 3B is her area in Makati City.
 June 11th, 2013 Sister Hayden starts working in her new area in a part of Makati City. (She is still living in the same location)
 May 27th, 2013 Sister Hayden found out that her companion Sister Pascual’s sister was companions with Kimber’s MTC teacher! Small World!
 May 20th, 2013 This past week Sister Hayden and Sister Pascual had the amazing opportunity to attend Sister Pascual’s sister’s temple sealing! What a tender blessing and wonderful experience they had.
 May 12th, 2013 We got to speak to Sister Hayden for mothers day! It was so wonderful!
 April 11th, 2013 Sister Hayden meets her new companion Sister Pascual, and she is awesome! Sister Pascual is a native “Fiilipina”. She is really helping Sister Hayden with her Tagalog.
 April 11th, 2013 Two new missionaries come to join Sister Hayden and Sister Richardson in their apartment (they will be their new companions)
 April 8th, 2013  Sister Hayden and Sister Richardson shared the gospel with there taxi driver
 March 4th, 2013 Sister Hayden gets a new companion. Sister Richardson from Utah who she loves!
 February 4th, 2013 Sister Hayden shares Helaman 5:36 “[they] lift their eyes to heaven’ and ‘attitude as if talking of lifting up their voices to some being who they beheld.”
 January 28th, 2013 Sister Hayden tells us about Temple Tour’ (“where we take an investigator or recent convert to the temple and have a tour around it and see a video about the Temple – the what and why, and about the Restoration of the Gospel, and the atonement makes it all possible”)
 January 28th, 2013 Sister Hayden tells us she LOVES buko (young coconut) salad. It is her favorite fruit
 January 13th, 2013      Sister Hayden tried durian and chico (fruits)
D101_and_random_stock Sapodilla 
 December 31st, 2012       Manila has a crazy party for New Years! Tons of Fireworks woke Sister Hayden and she could hear them from her window.
 December 24th, 2012 Sister Hayden called home for Christmas – it was so good to talk to her!
 December 13th, 2012 Sister Hayden meets her first companion Sister Tatafu who is from New Zealand
 December 12th, 2012 Sister Hayden arrives in Manila Philippines after over 24 hours on a plane
December 10th, 2012 Sister Hayden flies from SLC Utah
to Manila Philippines crossing the dateline and skipping a day
December 10th, 2012 Sister Hayden calls home from the Airport in San Francisco, CA
October 12th, 2012 Sister Kimber Anne Hayden enters the MTC