Posts made in October, 2014

We are busy!

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

Sorry I don’t have a legit email this week, but I will do better next time! Love you all, the church is true, and Happy Halloween! Sister Hayden ps Mom I did get your package, I especially loved the dried pears thanks! Oh yeah and the picture gets the caption: “How many missionaries does it take to jump a car? 10 plus (another random guy driving by) cause none of them has jumper cables.” Our car died when our zone leaders were doing car inspections. Don’t worry its all fixed and we haven’t had any problems since, but it was pretty funny. And we also went bowling last week for sisters p-day, it was fun, I completely lost out of everyone ...

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The Spirit Testifies

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

We went on exchanges this week so that’s what the picture is of. Sister Huppi is one of the STL’s and shes just great. I loved getting to go on an exchange and learn from and teach with her for that 24 hours. We exchanged at like 8:45 one night and then met back up about the same time the next night. Which is not normal, usually that happens in the middle of each day. But then our car died and so we had to find a good Samaritan in one of the stores we were parked by to come jump it. Needless to say we didn’t end up back at our apartment by 9:00 that night Quite the little adventure. Speaking of quite the adventure, we got a referral from some elders...

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Last Conference of the Year

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

This week has been soooo good! I got to pick up my missionary girl on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Fisher and I already love her tons. We went early to transfer meeting to have a training meeting for the trainers, then in the meeting each of the new missionaries got to introduce themselves and say who their companion was. Then they leave the stand and get to sit by us the rest of the meeting. Sister Fisher is from Alberta, Canada, so Thanksgiving was yesterday. We celebrated with ice cream and cookies and a piece of pumpkin pie Yeah she’s going to have to wait a month for an actual Thanksgiving dinner. We got to teach a few lessons and help move someone,...

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So I’m staying in Webster Groves. . .

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

And I’m training! Ah! Actually we’re both training! Sister Gunter is training a new missionary in a new area. There are seven sisters coming in on Wednesday and one of them will be my companion I think that a little tiny part of me was expecting it but the rest of me certainly was not. Its funny that we both are going to train. Another sister in our district got called as a STL and she wasn’t expecting that, she’s been out 8 months. And the elders in our district thought one was going and another staying and it ended up being the opposite, so they were very surprised too. So pretty much one person in our district wasn’t. I don’t...

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