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Posted on Nov 17, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

So it started snowing and it is cold! Thank you for the gloves Amy!!! I am not a fan of the humid cold, or the wind for that matter. Our car wouldn’t start this morning, we accidentally left the GPS in and it drained the battery. I don’t think cars like me very much. Pretty sure I tried to tell Dad that long ago when he made me learn how to do stuff with them. Funny though we prayed for missionary opportunities today while we had our p-day and we got to talk to a couple of people when we flagged them down to see if they would jump our car. Finally were able to but I was like man, Heavenly Father answers prayers. It reminded me of one time when I prayed to...

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The Work Progresses

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILES!!! I was planning my week and at the top of one of the pages it says Miles turns 17 and I was like what! already?! That’s crazy Have a great b-day!! Hey so we just found out that the mission is no longer able to forward packages and letters, so if they get sent to the mission home then they will just be given out at transfers and zone conference (about every 6 weeks). So if you want to get something to me in less time than that then send it to my home address. And that address could possibly change Nov 19th and Dec 31st. Probably not in November though, that would be really weird. So this week we went on exchanges, that was good! I got to go...

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Crazy week

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

For Halloween we had to be in by 5:00pm, unless we were with members, and so Sis Fisher and I carved pumpkins, ate pumpkin seeds and candy that members had given us. Oh and had pizza. Good times. So Tim got baptized yesterday! That was cool, I would send a picture but forgot my camera. So you’ll have to wait til next week. It was good and my last two companions got to be there too, they were the other ones who helped find/teach him. We have another baptism in December and hopefully will have another one in between! Funny though there always has to be a couple hiccups, the sister we asked to give a talk on the holy ghost prepared one on baptism, and was very...

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