Posts made in December, 2014

Happy New Year!

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

We got transfer calls on Saturday and I’m going to Marceline, MO, which is about three hours away from where I am now, and on the edge of the mission. I looked it up on and it’s a branch so probably smaller and more rural, which will be different! My new companion is Sister Dahlberg but I won’t meet her till Wednesday. I guess it’s new year, new transfer, new place, new companion. I’m sad to leave Webster Groves and Sister Fisher but know it will be in good hands, she knows what she’s doing! It was so fun to see my family even if it was brief, on Christmas day, we had breakfast and skyped and then back and sis fisher took a...

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Merry Christmas :)

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

Merry Christmas!!!!!! Hope you all have a good week! We got to show the ‘He is the Gift’ video to a couple of our investigators and it was really great! And three of them came to church this Sunday! Tim is getting baptized on Saturday and he is so ready! We got to have a lesson with him in his home with his parents (early 20s) and they are so supportive of him. We got to explain part of Lehi’s dream to them and they thought it was really good. They live in a different ward boundary though. So a couple weeks ago we went to go tracting one morning and we went driving to a random street, we finally stopped at one. I went to get a couple copies of the Book...

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Joy to the World. . .

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

Week before Christmas? Its so funny cause all the Santa stuff seems, I don’t know, just unnecessary as a missionary Part of it may be that we’re just so busy on the go that we don’t give it much thought. Or maybe that everything we do is centered on Christ. So this week we had a few things. One was when we had nothing to do about 45 min before our dinner appointment and as we were driving I had such a small thought to go see a couple that lived in the ward boundaries but records are in another one, so they aren’t even someone we usually go see. And we stopped by and talked with them, said a prayer and as we were leaving the husband paused after...

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17 days till Christmas!

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

Hey hope you’re all doing well! We put up our little Christmas tree only we bought lights at the dollar store (don’t advise) and they are only like 5 feet, they are the punyist Christmas lights I’ve ever seen, so we’re getting a normal strand this week haha. But thanks to members and the dollar store it looks pretty good But my favorite part of the holiday is the spirit of Christmas and the gift of Jesus Christ. Our ban on going out at night has been lifted so now we can actually use that time to find people. We also had President interviews this week which was good. I just love the Morgans. And we also had exchanges, so I went to Fenton with...

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Christmas is coming!

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 in Webster Groves | 0 comments

We’re all fine here and everyone is safe. The riots are apparently calming down and aren’t anywhere in my area. You all probably know more of what has been going down then I do. Still, we haven’t been allowed to proselyte after it gets dark, unless we have a lesson with a member present or are in a member’s home. So we’ve been using the time to organize, study, and watch ‘The Testaments,’ but it’s been super inconvenient for missionary work Cause that’s the time of day when tracting is more effective, not that it’s ever really that effective. We’ve done a lot of tracting this week. There are a few things...

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