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We don’t have a ton of time to email because we have appointments and because we couldn’t email yesterday. Although with Memorial day our ward and the other two that meet at the building had a big picnic! It started with a 5K run in the morning and I ran the whole thing. My companion is a runner so she could have ran that thing in about half the time I am so sore, not really in shape at the moment. So this week we had two exchanges, with the lake St. Louis sisters and the sisters in Union. It was good. We helped a couple move into one of their wards and taught them a little, neither are members, yet. There was one day when Sis Kofford and I were just...

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‘And should we die before our journey’s through’…haha just a little tired :)

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Hi! So this week had so many high highs and low lows and tender mercies. It has just been quite the week. So we had a really spiritual lesson with one investigator who has been being taught for FOREVER and told her she needs to ask specifically if this is true. She expects God to answer her but won’t ask more than for him to guide her. It was quite the lesson but near the end we invited her to do like three things and she wouldn’t commit. We had to explain why we’re here and why we invite people to make commitments and she said she wasn’t ready, we told her to keep reading and when she was ready to call us. She called herself stubborn and she is....

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Heavenly Father answers prayers

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HI! I feel like I just talked to all of you like yesterday! Probably cause I did. So it has been quite the last week. Sister Rapp and I said goodbye to more people in Marceline and then woke up at 5 and had to be gone by 6 to make it to Columbia in time. We squished a lot of suitcases into that car (it was crazy) so we were a little compact on the drive to St Louis. The elders actually took a couple for us. So then we went to transfer meeting, I had to go to a leadership training meeting an hour before which we were late to. So then afterword we went back and by then I wasn’t feeling so great again so instead of unpacking I laid down. And then we had a few...

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Goodbye Marceline…

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Well I’m getting transferred and I’ve never been threatened to be kidnapped so much in my life haha. There were a lot of different people who said that…it was pretty funny. Oh I JUST LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!! Marceline, ah =I love it here so much and I’m sad to be going, but love seeing the growth in so many and especially this branch. This is such a special place, I feel so blessed to have been able to serve here. It has taught me so much, in a lot of ways it was a refiner’s fire But I really am like ‘ah I have to leave?!’ Well while you all were at a wedding, I was in St. Louis at a two hour impromptu mission conference...

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