One week left

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Coming to my last week as a missionary!!! What?! Well just so you know I’m so excited for one more whole week. So I just will probably send another letter next week because I will still be a missionary and have a week full of experiences for next Monday :)

This week we got a text from Travis telling us that he was going to be baptized on the next Saturday and we were like ha ha, right. We’ll talk about it next time we see you. He’s 16 and typically likes to be funny and mess with people. Then his mom got ahold of us and told us that he was serious, and that when they went to drop off his sister Emilia’s stuff for the Nauvoo trip, a member we had introduced him to months ago convinced him to go too, (apparently Travis lost rock, paper, scissors). So we couldn’t even talk to him about it because he was on his way to Nauvoo. We decided it’d be best to do October 24th for the baptism date with his mom. So Emilia got to do baptisms for her first time in the Nauvoo temple! Jealous!!! So cool, her mom said that she just came back just different and glowing and said ‘it was weird’ haha. Travis and all the youth really came back with increased testimonies especially of the prophet Joseph Smith. It sounded like such a good experience, in ward counsel the leaders that went were telling us that he just fit right in and they all had such a good spiritual weekend. SO COOL!!!! And get this, he literally dragged his family to church yesterday, we texted him right before sacrament meeting and he said he’d been trying to wake them all up and that they’d be there for the second and third hours. This was the kid that tried to skip out a couple months ago. So amazing the impact that the spirit has to change our desires and hearts.

And another church miracle, JULIE LITTLE walked in with her family!!!! She quit her job 2 days ago and is able to come to church from now on! AH! I just love her.

Oh yeah and I got to go to the temple, so great. We had a testimony meeting and lunch afterword. I love President and Sister Morgan. I got to sit by her in the temple session. I love the temple, I love it there so much. I love being reminded of the promises I’ve made and the reason that we’re here in the first place. It truly is a house of learning.

And on exchanges Sister Craig and I taught this woman named Judy and she is SO prepared. She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon. At first she seemed just about as interested as anybody else (or not so much lol), but as we asked about her family and relationship with God and testified about the restoration and how we literally were sent there to share that message, she felt the spirit! I hope she gets baptized! It was so fun to go on exchanges with Sister Craig! She was my MTC companion!!! and my last exchange.

I truly love the gospel of Jesus Christ and LOVE being a missionary. It is a sacred experience that I wouldn’t trade away for the world. Thanks for the prayers and letters, I sure love you all so much!!!

Sister Hayden

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