One week left

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Coming to my last week as a missionary!!! What?! Well just so you know I’m so excited for one more whole week. So I just will probably send another letter next week because I will still be a missionary and have a week full of experiences for next Monday This week we got a text from Travis telling us that he was going to be baptized on the next Saturday and we were like ha ha, right. We’ll talk about it next time we see you. He’s 16 and typically likes to be funny and mess with people. Then his mom got ahold of us and...

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Conference Week

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This week I’ve really learned a lot about the atonement. I absolutely love how Heavenly Father turns moments in our lives into teaching moments to help us come closer to him. One little experience this week was we were contacting some people and I remember praying that we could be led and as I was getting in the car, I looked down another street and saw a guy outside. I had the thought to go talk to him, rationalized it as I got in the car and then was like, whatever might as well so we drove down there, knocked on one door and had a...

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Study by Topic

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Hi family Hope you all had a good week! This week we had two exchanges and a impromptu leadership meeting. Turns out I didn’t get out of doing a training this transfer afterall, we’re having some zone leader training meetings that we have to talk to the missionaries at. So that’s tomorrow. We’ve had a lot of meetings this transfer but they have been so good. I’m kinda sad I won’t be there for a lot of the changes that will be happening in the next few transfers, not just in our mission, but in the ward...

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Mission Conference

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Holy Smokes. This week has been, I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the most impactful thing: mission conference. Oh I guess before that, the STL’s from Columbia got to come spend the day with us because we had two meetings on two days and they had a longer drive. So Sister sperry and Sister Edgel came Wednesday night. They spent the day with us Thursday and left Friday morning. So fun, we scheduled double the appointments on Thursday and then we went on splits with them. We actually didn’t...

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Missionary Choir

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This week was a good one Sister Caruso spent the first three days with us. We had transfer meeting Wednesday and ended up getting to go because Sister Petrie had to play the piano for a musical number and both of us were in the little ‘missionary choir’ for the other musical number. So that was fun! Sister Fisher is training again, her trainee had to go home last transfer so she has a new one, so I have another mission granddaughter. We had a lesson with Gail this week, she was a media referral, we had contacted her family and...

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Referrals, spray paint, and spiders…

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This week has been pretty good OH yeah and Happy birthday DAD!!!!! I didn’t forget, promise! I just remembered after I was done emailing. We started out by going to the St. Louis Arch on Monday, that was fun. Then we went to ‘Paint Louis’ or ‘The Graffiti Wall,’ it’s like a couple miles long, so that was pretty cool. It’s in downtown St. Louis. Then Tuesday we got a media referral and they lived on the same street as the Littles, so we stopped by to deliver the Bible. And they are sooo prepared,...

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Alma 29

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Emilia got baptized this week! It was really good, she had gone to mutual a few days before and so quite a few of the young women showed up. There was a lot of people from the ward which was awesome. Sister Rasmussen did a welcome to Young Womens and gave her the personal progress book and a few other things and then she asked all the young women there to stand up and there were like 10 or something. And she told Emilia that all of these girls were her instant friends, there was a really strong spirit there and I think that was one of my...

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Quite the Week

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Hi! It’s been quite the week! Started off with President interviews, funny he asked how my family was doing and i said good from what I’ve heard only they’re all getting older he kinda laughed and said ‘we are too!’ and I was like thanks for pointing that one out haha. But it was good, I love seeing Pres and Sister Morgan, they really are two of my favorite people and they love every single missionary so much. I feel super blessed to be able to see them a little more often at mlc. Then we had an exchange, i...

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So this week we had two exchanges and a baptism for Xander! For the baptism I got to give the talk on baptism and his mom gave the talk on the holy ghost! There weren’t a lot of people there from the ward which was a bummer, but there was such a good spirit there. On Sunday though, we were waiting for them to confirm him after the announcements and nothing, they started singing the sacrament hymn and we were like uhhhh. We caught the 1st counselors attention and communicated that he needed to be confirmed. It had never happened...

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YAY So glad Parker made it here no complications I loved seeing the pictures of my newest nephew!!! Sure love you all!This week was one of the more stressful ones of my mission. yeah. So there was a whole mess with trying to figure out if Emilia was getting baptized. It involved the Spanish elders, zone leaders, the bishop, even AP’s I think. There was a little bit of time where miscommunication and some hurt feelings came in, we weren’t sure if she was even going to get baptized. So we went over and saw them and listened...

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